Division: Division of Groundwater and Soil Environment
Position: Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Education background

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, Jul 1996, Harbin Architecture University, Harbin, China 

M.S. in Environmental Engineering, Jan 1990, Harbin Architecture University, Harbin, China

B.S. in Environmental Engineering, Jul 1885, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


2000-present Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University   

1998-2000 Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

1997-1998 Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Research Area:

1. Non-point pollution control and eco-restoration of water bodies

2. Risk assessment and remediation of contaminated sites

Research Projects:

1. Integrated demonstration on treatment technology of water environment of towns in watery region, National Science & Technology Major Project (Water Major Project), 2008-2010

2. Technologies study and demonstration on group water supply and fluoride removal from groundwater in towns of North China, National Science & Technology Major Project (Water Major Project), 2009-2011

3. Integrated technologies and demonstration on Beijing Olympic landscape water protection, National “11th-Five-Year Plan” key project, 2007-2009

4. Key technologies study and demonstration on source separation and reuse system for domestic pollution in Beijing Olympic Forest Park, National “11th-Five-Year Plan” key project, 2006-2009

5. Mechanisms of arsenic removal from groundwater by synergetic treatment of physiochemical-electrochemistry, NSFC, 2009-2011

6. Effects on sulfate removal with synergetic carbon supply in sulfate-rich groundwater, NSFC, 2006-2008

7. Wetland water quality purification project of Lianhua Lake in Tieling City, Tieling Municipal 

8. Site investigation and assessment of Dalian Chemical Industrial Group, Dalian Municipal Government, 2009

9. Technical regulation and standards on monitoring of contaminated sites, Ministry of Science and Technology of China(MOST), 2004-2006

10. Biological process and eco-toxicity assessment of PAHs in their transportation and transformation in groundwater system, Key Project of Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), 2008-2011

Academic Achievement

Published Books:

1. G. Li, F. Li, X. Zhang, etc al, Technique system for environmental risk assessment and management of contaminated sites, Environmental Science Press of China, 2009

2. H. Y. Hu, X. Huang and X. Zhang, Exercise collection for principles of environmental engineering, Higher Education Press, 2006

3. H. Y. Hu, X. Zhang, X. Huang and W. Wang, Principles of environmental engineering, Higher Education Press, 2005

Published Articles:

1. Zhang, D.; Li, G.; Yang, Y. S.; Zhang, X.; Guo, H., Bio-geological processes of nitrogen transport and transformation in the aeration zone and aquifer. Hydrological Sciences Journal-Journal Des Sciences Hydrologiques 2009, 54, (2), 316-326.

2. Liang, Y. T.; Zhang, X.; Dai, D. J.; Li, G. H., Porous biocarrier-enhanced biodegradation of crude oil contaminated soil. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 2009, 63, (1), 80-87.

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4. Xu, H.; Liu, W.; Zhang, X.; Li, G.; Yang, S., Autohydrogenotrophic sulfate removal from coal mine water using a hollow-fiber membrane bioreactor. Journal of Tsinghua University (Science and Technology) 2008, 995-8.

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