HE Kebin


HE Kebin
Division: Division of Air Pollution Control
Position: Professor
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Education background

Ph. D.  Environmental Engineering, 1990, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 

M. S.,   Environmental Engineering, 1987, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

B. S.,   Environmental Engineering, 1985, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


1996-present Professor, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University 

1992-1996 Associate Professor, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University 

1992-1996 Associate professor, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University 

1990-1992 Lecturer, Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Tsinghua University

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

1. Research includes particular air pollution

2. motor vehicle emission assessment and control

3. the regional emission inventory and control strategies for air pollution complex

1. Emission Characteristics and Intensity of Acid Deposition Related Materials,National Basic Research Program of China (973),2005-2010

2. Methodologies and application of regional air pollution sources identification and dynamic emission inventory development, Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863),2006-2009

3. Carbonaceous Species and Complex Mechanism of Particulate Air Pollution, Project supported by National Science Foundation of China ,2007-2010

4. Integrated Assessment Modeling and Control Mechanism of Energy-Emission-Environment Complex System, Major International Joint Research Project, 2009-2012

Academic Achievement

Published Books:

1. Urban Sustainable Mobility in China: Problems, Challenges and Realization, Chapter 5 Environmental Strategy for Sustainable Urban Mobility, character: 20k. Beijing: China Railway Publishing House, 2007.

2. Urban Sustainable Mobility in Rapid Urbanization: Theory and Practice in China, Chapter 11 Sustainable Transportation and Environment Impact Evaluation, character: 86K. Beijing: China Railway Publishing House, 2008.

Published Articles:

1. Liu H, He KB, Lents JM, Wang QD, Tolvett S. Characteristics of Diesel Truck Emission in China Based on Portable Emissions Measurement Systems. Environmental Science & Technology, 43 (24): 9507-9511

2. Cheng Y, He KB, Duan FK, Zheng M, Ma YL, Tan JH. Positive sampling artifact of carbonaceous aerosols and its influence on the thermal-optical split of OC/EC. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physical, 9 (18): 7243-7256 

3. Zhang J, He KB, Shi, XY, Zhao Y. Effect of SME biodiesel blends on PM2.5 emission from a heavy-duty engine. Atmospheric Environment, 43 (15): 2442-2448

4. Shi ZB, He KB, Xue ZG, Yang FM, Chen YJ, Ma YL, Luo JJ. Properties of individual aerosol particles and their relation to air mass origins in a south China coastal city. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres, 114: Art. No. D09212

5. Huo H, Zhang Q, He KB, Wang QD, Yao ZL, Streets DG. High-Resolution Vehicular Emission Inventory Using a Link-Based Method: A Case Study of Light-Duty Vehicles in Beijing.  Environmental Science & Technology, 43 (7): 2394-2399 

6. Chen D, Wang Y, McElroy MB, He K, Yantosca RM, Le Sager P. Regional CO pollution and export in China simulated by the high-resolution nested-grid GEOS-Chem model. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physical, 9 (11): 3825-3839

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