JIANG Jianguo


JIANG Jianguo
Division: Division of Solid Waster Management
Position: Professor
 Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering, Tsinghua Univerity, Beijing 100084, P.R.China

Education background

Aug. 1993-Jul. 1998 : Ph.D candidate, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering ,Tsinghua University, P.R.China

Sep. 1988-Jul. 1993: Undergraduate student, Dept. of Environmental Engineering ,Tsinghua University, P.R.China


Dec. 2009-: Professor, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering, Tsinghua University, PR.China

Aug. 2001- Dec. 2009: Associate professor, Ph.D, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering ,Tsinghua University, P.R.China

Aug. 1998-Jul. 2001: Lecturer, Ph.D, Dept. of Environmental Science & Engineering ,Tsinghua University, P.R.China

Jan. 1997-Jan.1998: Visiting scholar, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Bradford University, UK

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Research Area:

Municipal Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Management

Landfill Design and Management

MSW bio-waste anaerobic digestion

Solid Waste Incineration and Heavy Metal Waste Treatment

Bioreactor landfills

Research Projects:

1.Novel chemical stabilization technology for treating with heavy metal contained wastes 

2.Enhanced carbonation technology for treating with fly ash and bottom ash from MSW incinerator 

3.Municipal solid waste bio-reactor landfill technology 

4.Organic waste recovery using high solids anaerobic digestion 

5.Sewage sludge treatment and energy recovery technology 

6.Electro-chemical technology development in treating with leachate from different treatment facilities 7.Municipal solid waste treatment technology in altiplano and anoxic area

Academic Achievement

Published Books:

1.JIANG Jianguo, Municipal Environment and Sanitary Infrastructure Construction and Management, Chemical industry press, 2005 

2.JIANG Jianguo, Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Engineering, Chemical industry press, 2005 

3.JIANG Jianguo, Principal and Practice for Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal and Recovery Engineering – Training book for National Registered Environment Protection Engineer, Environment science press, 2006 

4.Jiang Jianguo, Solid waste disposal and recycling (Chinese Eleventh Five-year Planning), Chemical Industry Press, 2008

Published Articles:

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