Division of Environmental Engineering Design
Position: Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Education background

Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, June 1997, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China 

M.S. in Environmental Engineering, June 1989, Xi'AN University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'AN, China

B.S. in Water Supply and Drainage, June 1986, Xi'AN University of Architecture and Technology, Xi'AN, China


1999-present Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University 

2001-2002 Visiting Scholar, University of Korea, Korea

1997-1999 Lecturer, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University

1991-1992 Lecturer, Department of Water Resources, Xi'AN University of Technology

Areas of Research Interests/ Research Projects

Research Area:

1. Water Supply and Drainage

2. Treatment and System in Water and Wastewater 

3. Benefit and Cost Analysis in Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Research Projects:

1. Special Program on Water Pollution Control in China: Cleaner Production Technologies and Water Reuse Processes for Industry, Ministry of Environmental Protection, 2008-2010

2. Water Quality Control Technologies for Waterscape in Urban area, Waterscape and Facilities Co., 2009-2010

3. Research and Demonstration of Water Quality Control in Waterscape System of Beijing Olympic Park, Ministry of Science and Technology, R.P. China, 2007-2010

4. Research and Demonstration of Fluorine Removal in Drinking Water for Rural Area in North China, Ministry of Water Resources, R.P. China, 2006-2010

5. The Study on Reclaimed Water Treatment: Process Selection and Benefit-Cost Analysis in Beijing City, Beijing Municipality, 2007-2009

6. Economic Evaluation of Sustainable Sanitation System in Erdos of China, Sweden Environment Institute, 2006-2007

7. Water Quality Control of Reclaimed Water for Environmental Use, The Group of Beijing Drainage, 2005-2006

8. The Remediation Technologies in Industrial Contaminated Sites from Wastewater, Ministry of Science and Technology, R.P. China, 2005-2006

9. Research of Constructed Wetlands for Treating Effluent from Secondary Treatment and Storm Water in Beijing, Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, 2005-2006 

10. The Study on Ecological and Environmental Impact of Wastewater Collection and Treatment for Shenzhen River Basin, Shenzhen Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, 2005

Academic Achievement

1. ZHOU Lu, LI Jian, Cost-benefit analysis of sustainable sanitation systems in northern Chinese town:A case study, Journal of Tsinghua University(Science and Technology), 2009, Vol.49(3) pp364-367

2. LI Tao, ZHOU Lu, Characteristics of Several Plants for Removing Nitrogen and Phosphorus from Wastewater in Constructed Wetland, Environmental Engineering, 2009, Vol.24(18) pp14-18

3. ZHOU Lu, LIU Jingjing, GAN Yiping et al, Experimental study on the influences of nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in reclaimed water on the growth of two typical kinds of algae, Water & Wastewater Engineering, 2009, Vol.35(6) pp39-42

4. ZHAO Yu, ZHOU Lu, JIN Jing et al, Analysis of Water Supply Based on Quality Mode in Rural Areas with Fluoride-rich Groundwater, Water Saving Irrigation, 2009, 4, pp 33-35

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