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School of Environment, Tsinghua University in international students' eyes

SOE’s undergraduate program in environmental engineering and all graduate programs are open to international students. Many international students are attracted to study here. What is SOE like in international students' eyes? Six international students were invited to share with us about SOE, Tsinghua University in their eyes!

They are Kaijie from Malaysia, Rachael from the UK, Saleem from Pakistan, Tom from France, Sahidul from Bangladesh and Felipe from Brazil.

Why choose Tsinghua SOE


China has more than 5000 years' history and culture so I want to give a deep dive to this culture elements that what drives this country to make so much prosperity. So that’s really how to make the right decision to come to China.


I chose SOE, Tsinghua because I knew that Tsinghua is a top class university with a world-leading environmental engineering program. I was excited to come here and learn all the disciplines of environmental engineering from China’s top-leading experts.

Laboratories of SOE


The structure of the labs, the facilities, the high quality equipment and the high level professors, all this whole learning environment is very helpful for anyone who pursues a learning experience.


After coming to Tsinghua, I think I got what I wanted, the best environment in the research area and also the equipment. You can find whatever you need in your research area. I think it’s so good.

Courses of SOE


For international students, we have various classes in English that offered in the courses. So it’s really nice to have so many choices.


In these courses, you are able to meet classmates from different countries. These courses can also give you a strong foundation to conduct your research.

Campus life in Tsinghua


The campus of Tsinghua is one of the biggest campus that I have ever been to.


It’s quite big and has lots of convenient stores. So everthing is close by like canteens, various shops and it’s like a small town so everything is very conveniently located in the campus.

To international students who want to come to SOE, Tsinghua


China is at a very special stage. It has the problem like water treatment, air pollution and also it has the ambition like carbon neutral and renewable energy. So I think that for graduate students, it will be a very special chance for you to join SOE Tsinghua because you can learn a lot from the solving of the real world problem.


For international students, I would say that if you want to work hard, if you want to live your life in a very comfortable way and maybe you want to find the best school and best environment. I am waiting for you at School of Environment, Tsinghua University!