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Panel A1 of IFEE 2020 Kicks off on 3 Dec.

Panel A1 of the 2nd International Forum on Engineering Education (IFEE 2020), organized by School of Environment, Tsinghua University, was held on 3 December. The theme of Panel A1 was “Water Environment and Water Ecology”.

Professor YU Gang, the Moderator and also the Chair of Academic Committee of School of Environment, Tsinghua University, introduced Conceptual Wastewater Treatment Plant with Eco-complex in Chinaand stressed that the development of multidisciplinary science and technology provides opportunities for the transformation of the WWTP.

Professor Glen DAIGGER from University of Michigan, Member of NAE and Foreign Member of CAE, gave a presentation entitled 21st Challenges for the Water Environment and Ecology and Responses.

“The transformation in water management required to achieve sustainability can be met only if engineers are not only technically competent but also possess the broad perspectives needed to understand the broad societal changes needed and how to accelerate them,” he said.

Professor WU Fengchang, Member of CAE, Deputy Chief Engineer of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, systematically reviewed domestic and foreign researches on water environment standard system and summarized the experiences and lessons drawn by developed countries in formulation and revision of the environment standards.

As a representative from water treatment corporations, Mr. QIN Xiaopei, Vice President of Danaher Water Quality and General Manger of Hach China, emphasized the comprehensive governance philosophy for ecological environment of "Mountains, Rivers, Forests, Farmlands, Lakes and Grasslands" and the strategy of cultivating interdisciplinary compound innovative environmental talents.

At the end of Panel, Prof. Ramin FARNOOD,Vice Dean of Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering,University of Toronto, illustrated the engineering education practice atUniversity of Toronto.“Through our Environmental Engineering program offerings, we provide the opportunity for future engineers the necessary knowledge to innovate, explore and help solve some of the world biggest global challenges that exist today,” he said.

IFEE 2020 also featured four panel discussions on the topics: Climate Change and Blue Sky Action,Technologies and Global Engagement, Climate, Environment and Health, Sustainable Chemical Engineering and the Future, and Engineering Education for Sustainable Development.