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International Student Ambassador Program 2016

The School of Environment launched the International Student Ambassador Program in 2016. Ambassadors are assigned a group of incoming students, to whom they provide guidance on a range of matters relating to studying and living in China.

If you have questions about living and studying in Tsinghua University and would like to contact our Student Ambassadors, please email hjxgs@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn.


Hola! I am Ghida from Lebanon and I am currently pursuing my master’s degree at Tsinghua University in Environmental Engineering and Management. My supervisor is Prof. Wen Zongguo, in the Policy and Management division.

After finishing my bachelor in Chemical Engineering in my home country, I wanted to do my masters in a country with a very different culture and environment to Lebanon.

Of course, China is one of the first countries that come to one's mind, due to its very ancient history and unique culture. I have no regrets at all about the decision to come to Tsinghua University.

As the best university in China, Tsinghua University not only offers great opportunities for your academic development, but also enables you to meet many students from all over the world. Many other students are in the same situation as you.

It is a big step to come to a university far away from home with a very different environment than what you know. But don't worry, you're not alone here and you will meet many friends within the blink of an eye.

And we will make sure you make the best out of your time here!

So, welcome aboard! Or as I would like to say "ahla w sahla?????????"


Hi everybody, my name is Elaine Jian Cheung, a 100% Chinese girl.

If we live in the same world, then why are we not supplied the same quality drinking water? Why do we experience different levels of air pollution? It was the day after my college entrance examination that I asked myself these questions. That is what led me to study a Bachelor of Environmental Engineering at Sun Yat-sen University.

From my college experience, I came to understand that environmental problems are not easily fixed when we simply focusing on a single problem without analyzing other issues. After graduating from Sun-Yat Sen University, I came to Tsinghua University to pursue my master’s degree. Through graduate and postgraduate research, I hope to further enhance the knowledge of drinking water treatment. So far, I’ve already started research in the area of disinfection by-products and my recent research has focused on removing volatile organic compounds from underground water by air stripping.

Overall, I believe that more practice can help me achieve my goals to have an overall positive net impact on protecting the environment for generations to come.



I am Chun-Sheng Liang, from Jiangxi Province. I am a PhD student of Prof. Ke-Bin He and currently also supervised by Prof. Feng-Kui Duan and Prof. Huan Liu. My Bachelor's degree was earned in Huainan Normal University and Master’s in Shenzhen University, and I majored in Applied Chemistry in both periods. My master degree focused on lithium batteries and my current research is about air pollution.

My research interests also include Energy and Environment. When I was a Master student, I needed to improve battery performance. Our goal was to build environmentally friendly batteries with high energy density, high-energy efficiency, high charge-discharge rate, long cycle life and low cost. I was good at designing battery structure and selecting materials through wide theoretical investigations and comparisons. I like to do pure theoretical research. My current goal is to understand the influence of energy-related gaseous pollutants on the atmosphere. You can find more about my research at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Chun_Sheng_Liang. I think I can learn from all of you as I only entered the field of environmental science in 2014.

Welcome to China! We are ready to help you.



My name is Victor, and I am originally from Guadalajara, México. I have been a student at the School of Environment since 2014 and it has been an incredible opportunity to know a lot of people from many countries, as well as excellent Chinese students. I enjoy walking around the campus and sitting on a bench in the many gardens of the university; it really is a campus to enjoy. Tsinghua University is a great place to prepare for a career since it offers a lot of events and top guests from around the world who deliver seminars throughout the year. Definitely all this, plus the facilities in the campus, will make your career better. Welcome to Tsinghua University and it’s an honor to be an Ambassador of the School of Environment for new students.

Bienvenidos todos los de habla hispana, cualquier pregunta no duden en contactarme. En China y en Tsinghua University cada día es una aventura, ?anímate a vivirla!


My name is Syed Waqi Ur Rehman, from Pakistan. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree and MSc in Environmental Sciences and continued with my studies in the PhD program in the same field here at Tsinghua University. I focused my research on water disinfection technologies. One of my primary motivations to work on this research is to improve communities’ living conditions and provide them with new skills. The admission to Tsinghua University has provided me the opportunity to develop ideas and generate new ones for my research work.

I am confident that the Ambassador program will bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to new students in an environment of mutual learning and respect, and will provide opportunities for students to meet each other and have great moments.

As your guide, I feel a great responsibility to help you to settle into your new life in Tsinghua. I know that it can be difficult to be a new student in a foreign country, especially when there is a language barrier and we are away from our family and friends. I am confident that my experience in China will be a useful to smooth your first weeks in Beijing. I look forward to meeting you! 


Greetings on behalf of the international students at the School of Environment and Tsinghua University. I would like to congratulate all selected students and welcome you to one of the world’s most prestigious and top-ranked institute. It is an honor to be an International Student Ambassador for the incoming students. I will try to coordinate new candidates and help them understand guidelines and procedures. I believe this Ambassador program will make it easier for students to understand, learn and excel in a collective manner, not only the academic area, but also with cross-cultural dynamics and extra-curricular activities. I am proud to be part of this world-renowned institute that has produced brilliant scientists, academicians and world leaders. 

Lastly, I would take this opportunity to introduce myself; I am Abdul Ghaffar, pursuing a doctoral degree in Environmental Science and Engineering at the School of Environment. Currently, I am on study leave from the Department of Environmental Engineering, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan, where I am serving as a faculty member.

Student coordinators of the International Student Ambassador program are Julia Shi (Canada) and Kate Smith (Australia). This initiative was established as a result of consultation with the Tsinghua Postgraduate Student Education Advisory Committee.