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International Student Ambassador Program 2018

The School of Environment launched the International Student Ambassador Program in 2016. Ambassadors are assigned a group of incoming students, to whom they provide guidance on a range of matters relating to studying and living in China.

If you have questions about living and studying in Tsinghua University and would like to contact our Student Ambassadors, please email hjxgs@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn.


Hi there! I am Anam Ashraf from Pakistan. I am pursuing my PhD degree in the Division of Ecology at the School of Environment, Tsinghua. I am very glad to meet new international students!!! Being a student ambassador I would like to share my experiences with newcomers to continue to make the School of Environment a nice and friendly place for them and make them feel welcomed and happy.

I can highly recommend the incoming students consider the following:

Try to get involved in the community. Don’t be afraid to seek help.  Be aware and take advantage of resources provided at Tsinghua University. Be open to feedback you receive, whether it’s from your peers or professors, understand and embrace that you are here to learn. Know when to stop or slow down! I know that university is a whole new level of competition but make sure that you take care of yourself too.  I hope you will enjoy your time at Tsinghua to the fullest!


Hi everyone, I am Disna from Sri Lanka. My research focuses on resource carrying capacity and sustainability assessment of the metal industry in China under the supervision of Professor Jinhui Li and Professor Xianlai Zeng. I completed my bachelor’s degree at Sabaragamuwa University in Sri Lanka and master’s degree at the University of Colombo. My research interests center in disciplines of environmental sustainability, which is related to my educational background. Before joining Tsinghua University, I worked for International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) on coastal resources management. Besides that, I worked as a visiting lecturer in Environmental Studies and research unit consultant at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

I have strong enthusiasm to develop linkages between natural and industrial framework. Thus, I joined the prestigious Tsinghua University as a PhD student in 2017 for further studies.

Join us to explore environmental novelties!        


Hello, I am Jiachen Wang from Shaanxi province and I am very excited to meet you! I completed my undergraduate degree in Hydraulic Engineering at Tsinghua University, and I am currently pursuing my PhD degree at the School of Environment, in the Division of Environmental System Analysis. My research focuses on climate impacts and adaptation and mitigation strategies at regional scale.

This is the sixth year I have been living here and I am glad to answer any questions about Tsinghua University campus life, as well as going sightseeing in Beijing.

Welcome to Tsinghua! Welcome to join us!


Hi, all! My name is Liven. I was born in China and raised in Canada. I am currently a second year master student specializing in membrane technology for wastewater treatment. Hoping to witness China’s development from the first row and seeing the challenge of environmental sustainable development in China are the main reasons I chose to study in China. Besides, I always enjoy interacting with people from different educational and cultural backgrounds and I am looking forward to working with and making friends with a pool of like-minded people!


I'm Nicolas Mangin, 23 years old. I am originally from Castres, in the south-west of France.

I studied General Engineering in Ecole Centrale Lyon. I am now studying Microbiology as a Master student in Tsinghua University. I love travelling, playing games, reading and learning new things. China is a very different country compared to my home country. I know that arriving in such a different place can be disorienting. If you feel lost or want to learn more about China, I am here to help you discover the treasures of China ;)


Hi, I’m Piaopiao Ke from Hubei Province. My supervisor is Prof. Lei Duan, in the Division of Air Pollution Control and it is now the second year of my PhD. I feel honored to be one of the ambassadors for international students as a local student. To study in a foreign country can be very challenging (e.g. due to the language) but you can also experience the profound and amazing Chinese culture and work for environmental protection together, which is needed by all the countries and regions. Meanwhile, you will have the ambassadors to help you.

Welcome to Tsinghua and I hope all of you have a fulfilling and enjoyable life here!

Sadia Rehman

Hi, I am Sadia and I am from Pakistan. I am pursuing my PhD degree in the School of Environment, and it’s my second year at Tsinghua University.

Every person should follow the dreams and, in doing so, he/she needs to move from one place to another in the quest of the best platform. In my case that platform is Tsinghua University, as it is considered best university and it was the best decision that I ever made in my life.  Tsinghua University is a great place not only because of its ranking and research achievements but also because it provides ground for all kind of extracurricular activities. When I came here I was afraid because this is a foreign country (food, language, culture) but now I have so many friends here and am spending a very good time. I wish all of you a very warm welcome here and I hope you enjoy your stay in Tsinghua. If you need my help I am always available here…


Hello, I am Sanjena. I am Indian and am pursuing my PhD in Environmental Engineering at Tsinghua University.

I came to Tsinghua in 2016 as a master student with a lot of dreams, but moving to a new country, especially for someone who hadn't really lived outside home was quite overwhelming. That said, at Tsinghua, everyday you’re born afresh with myriads of paths to thread and a true chance to self-discovery which I deeply embrace. Joining Tsinghua is one of the best decisions I've ever made and when I graduated with the “Outstanding Graduate Award” for the year 2018, I felt a strong calling to continue with my doctoral studies here. There is so much more to Tsinghua than its great rankings and research achievements. I've made friends from places I didn't know existed. I’ve mingled with the top brains of China. I’ve found that Tsinghua truly is a paradise – it’s even listed as one of the 14 most beautiful campuses in the world by Forbes magazine.

What makes Tsinghua all the more special is the way it treats you. This university definitely is my home away from home, and I feel super proud to be a part of it. I extend my warm welcome to you and am excited to be one of ambassadors of the School of Environment. Who better than environmentalists to create a welcoming environment for newcomers?

Xue Yu

Hello! My name is Xue Yu, from Shanxi Province. I am a PhD student in my second year. My supervisor is Prof. Qian Yi, in the Division of Water Environment Protection. I got my Bachelor degree in Jilin University of China.

Five years ago, the smog problem of China was heavily reported, and this was the first time I realized that environmental pollution of China was so severe. At that time, I was preparing for my college entrance examination. I wanted to do something to protect our environment. That’s why I choose environmental engineering as my academic field. So far, I’ve just started my research on partial nitrification and anaerobic ammonium oxidation technology. My recent research focuses on the mechanism and control of stable partial nitrification by various methods. In my free time, I love watching movies and swimming. You are welcome to join me if you have the same hobby. Now I am a member of the Graduate Union of the School of Environment and last year I organized the SOE Language Buddy Program. I sincerely welcome you to come to China and Tsinghua University!

Student coordinators of the International Student Ambassador program are Asad Ali Shaikh (Pakistan), Sanjena ND (India) and Noshan Bhattarai (Nepal). This initiative was established as a result of consultation with the Tsinghua Postgraduate Education Advisory Committee.

Photos other than those of Liven, Nicolas, Sadia, Sanjena and Jiachen are the work of Xiaohui Sun (China).

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