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Ph.D Program

SOE offers a Doctoral Program in Environmental Science and Engineering for applicants who want to focus in-depth on research and pursue a career in academia in the field of water and wastewater treatment, air pollution control, solid waste management, and environmental management. The Ph.D. program in the DESE is designed to create researchers and highly qualified professionals in the field of Environmental Science and Engineering. The DESE has built up a comprehensive research infrastructure with an impressive array of facilities for conducting cutting-edge research and strives to provide graduate students with facilities and an environment that is conductive for innovative and dynamic research. Each Ph.D. candidate will be allotted a professor in the first semester, who will guide the candidate and give the research direction through out the study period.

This program is designed for graduates from all over the world, majoring in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and other related disciplines. Applicants with working experience in the field of Environmental Science and Engineering are highly recommended.The program requires that applicants have a master degree or equivalent. Knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry is a prerequisite. Good conversational, reading and writing capabilities in English language are essential in order to successfully complete the study. However, meeting these requirements does not guarantee successful admission as students must be judged academically by the program faculty members.

Certificate Requirements
The Ph.D. program requires approximately four years. Students typically spend a half or one year to finish the coursework and then conduct independent research and complete a dissertation in the subsequent years. A qualifying examination will be taken in second or third semester. At least 1 paper published in international journals is required before the graduation. The Ph.D. dissertation must demonstrate originality and advanced research ability.

Main Courses
Frontier of Environmental Science and Engineering                           
Fate and Transport of Organic Pollutant in Environment                    
Environmental Planning and Management                                       
Environmental Investment and Policy                                              
Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology                                
Environmental Soil Sciences                                                         
Chemistry and Physics of Air Pollution                                     
Restoration Ecology and Applications                                           
Advanced Wastewater Treatment                                                 
Advanced Water Treatment                                                         
Solid Waste Disposal and Management                                        
Advanced Environmental Chemistry                                             
Wastewater Biological Treatment Technology                                
Advanced Environmental Chemistry                                              
Academic activity                                                                       
Courses in other schools

Students wishing to pursue a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Science and Engineering will be required to conduct research and submit a dissertation before graduation. A written Ph.D. research proposal and a formal presentation are required in the second or third term and the proposal should be approved by an academic committee. In the subsequent years, students undertake a rigorous and innovative research program leading to the submission and defense of a thesis. All Ph.D. candidates must pass an oral presentation 3 months before the submission of their thesis.