FocusA New Start: Tsinghua New Year Gala held online

Tsinghua University New Year Gala was held online on Friday night, the eve of the new year 2021.

Tsinghua President Qiu Yong and University Council Chairperson Chen Xu delivered New Year’s speeches at the annual cultural event, which was broadcast live on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Bilibili. 

Qiu extended his New Year greetings to all those watching the gala, expressing hope and optimism for 2021.

“I believe that the days we spent and the stories we wrote in 2020 will be deeply inscribed in our collective memory,” he said. “The year 2020, we will never forget; the year 2021, we all await with expectation. 

Stating that 2020 was an extraordinary year in human history, President Qiu said that Tsinghua firmly upheld the mission of talent cultivation, assumed its responsibility in the scientific research to combat COVID-19, made headway with its reforms, and strove for excellence. 

He said that, standing at a new historical juncture, a more innovative, international and humanistic Tsinghua sets higher goals and constantly puts forward higher expectations so as to grow into a great university that is more open, integrated, and resilient.

He mentioned that in the new year, Tsinghua would march forward to future excellence with more confidence and vigor, breaking new ground and exploring new paths for university development.

“I also believe that regardless of time and space, the Tsinghua community will always stand together, and together we will create a vibrant Tsinghua,” he added.

Chen Xu extended her new year wishes to all faculty members, students and alumni at home and abroad, and to all friends who have extended support and care for Tsinghua.

She said that 2021 was a special year for Tsinghua as the new year also marked the university’s 110th anniversary, opening a new chapter towards becoming a leading world-class university.

She said Tsinghua would set sail on its course towards achieving its development goals of 2030 and 2050 in the new year with unwavering dedication.

“Let us seize the day, answer the call of our times, stay grounded, and create a better future,” she said, “Let us hope that all of humanity will unite to soon win the battle against the pandemic. May the new year bring health, joy and peace to the world.” 

At the gala, the students of the year were announced.

The gala featured dancing, singing, comedy and drama performances by students.

Writer: Sangeet
Editors: Li Han, John Olbrich, Guo Lili