FocusMore than 3,800 Freshmen Embark on a New Journey at Tsinghua

Registration for 2020 new undergraduate students took place on September 7th and 8th. More than 3,800 new undergraduates arrived on Tsinghua campus to embark on a new journey in their lives. 

With a warm smile, the senior student volunteers assisted them in getting familiar with the campus and completing their registration. From the very start, Tsinghua made the new students feel a sense of belonging.

No matter where they come from, Tsinghua will remain a strong pillar of support as they live out their passions and aspirations. The Tsinghua community will stand together in enriching their academic journey and personal development, as they embark on the journey to discover, explore, and fulfill their dreams.

Reporters: Guo Lili, Kevin Liang
Editors: John Olbrich, John Paul Grima
Photos: Huo Yuandong, Liu Lucheng, Yin Bangzhao, Zhang Xiaoyu