FocusTowards a More International Tsinghua: THUers in Global Anti-COVID-19 Efforts

The 28th online iTalk, hosted by the Graduate Union of Tsinghua University, was recently held. With its theme“Towards a More International Tsinghua: THUers in Global Anti-COVID-19 Efforts”, the event invited four Tsinghua students and alumni from China, Pakistan, India, and Russia to share their stories in the fight against COVID-19.

The event was moderated by Hong Yan, a master's student from the School of Journalism. Shan Sisi (PhD candidate of the School of Medicine), Zoon Ahmed Khan from Pakistan (alumna of the School of Social Science), Sathish Raghuraman from India (alumnus of Schwarzman College) and Mekhri Aliev from Russia (alumnus of the Department of Industrial Engineering) shared their stories in topics such as conducting COVID-19 vaccine research, bringing in technological innovation through online cooperation, and mobilizing medical donations across borders.

iTalk is a platform created by the Graduate Union of Tsinghua University for communication in English, with all events held in English. Each iTalk session invites outstanding Tsinghua students and alumni across different fields to share their experience in academia, voluntary work, entrepreneurship, employment, and more. It aims to encourage the students to share stories, experiences, and reflections with others to strengthen an English-speaking community and enhance personal growth and maturity.