EventsReminder for Students Returning to Campus

The date for returning to school after Spring Festival is approaching. The university published “Tips for Students Returning to Campus” on Feb 8th. We would like to add the following reminders so that students can make arrangements and preparations in advance.

Return Date
Students who are currently in a low-risk area in China and have not been to a medium-high-risk area 14 days before returning to school, in principle, return to school and complete registration before February 21 st (inclusive). Students who can not return to school on time due to epidemic prevention and control requirements or other special reasons should go through the leave procedures by the educational administration regulations, and extend their return to school and go through a makeup registration after approval.

Shuttle Bus
The most common date for students returning is Feb 19th , 20th , and 21th  (Hereinafter referred to as "Centralized Back-to-School Day").  To guarantee students can return to school safely, the university will arrange the special Back-to-school shuttles at Beijing station, Beijing South Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Capital Airport, and Daxing Airport on these three days. Students can buy tickets online, board the bus with self-students ID cards. The bus will terminate at Zijing Sports Grounds. For the convenience of students who live in the Shuangqing apartments, the university will provide a shuttle bus between Zijing Sports Grounds and the Shuangqing Apartments. The specific arrangement and ticketing methods of the special route will be released on the “xingzai Tsinghua 行在清华” Wechat public account.

Campus Entrance
Students returning to campus on the centralized back-to-school day can enter the campus through the southeast gate, west gate and northeast gate (Zijing Gate). Social vehicles and friends and relatives who drop off people are not allowed to enter the campus, and cabs can only enter through the northeast gate and drop off passengers at the designated area at the entrance and drive away as soon as possible. The university will run additional campus transportation buses to facilitate students to return to the dormitory from the campus gate.

Required Documents
When returning to the university, students must show the following three materials to the staff at the campus gate(students who take the back-to-school shuttle, show the materials at the get-off site, which is Zijing Sports Grounds):
(1) "Student Return to University Application" approval confirmation page.
(2) Live "Beijing Health Kit” (北京健康宝) green code.
(3) Nucleic acid test negative test result certificate issued within the past 7 days.
After entering the campus, students should show the above three materials at the apartment administrator’s office(楼长值班室,8:00-22:00) or the concierge of Zijing Building C(24 hours), to activate the dormitory rights.For international students, they should present the three materials at the general service desk of Zijing International Student Apartment Bldg 19, 1st floor.

Campus Entry/Exit
In the new semester, classrooms/ laboratory/ library/ gym/ dining hall/ supermarkets will open as usual. When entering, please
(1) abide by the epidemic prevention and control requirements;
(2) minimize all non-essential outings and gatherings; and wear a mask.
The campus will remain closed to public, all the students on campus should minimize all non-essential outings, avoid contacting with people from outside the campus. For essential reasons, please submit online requests and get approval in advance.

Nucleic Acid Test
The university will arrange 2 mass nucleic acid tests on Feb.27th and Mar.6th. All students who returning to campus and arriving Beijing in less than 14 days, shall conduct these nucleic acid tests. Detailed arrangements will be announced, please reserve time in advance for the tests. As all the costs of three nucleic acid tests will be covered by the university, students please reserve the invoice(发票) for reimbursement.

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Source: Xiaoyan Online