EventsCross-cultural Informal Talks Launched

Cross-cultural communication skill is an important part of global competence. Getting to know different cultural backgrounds and different ways of thinking is also important for each of us to understand the world.

This semester, the Center for Global Competence Development is launching this series of cross-cultural informal talks, which aims to offer a platform for students from different countries to share stories and experiences and express opinions and ideas on the same topic from perspectives of their own national cultures. Form the exchange and collision of views along the way, students enhance their understanding of each other's culture.

In this session, six students from different countries will be selected to participate in the talk, which will last about 1 hour. Each student first introduces their cultural backgrounds, 5 minutes each, for a total of 30 minutes; then 20 minutes for free discussion; in the last 10 minutes, the host and 2 of the participating students will each make a summary/comment. The language is English. If international students want to practice their speaking Chinese, they are very welcome to use Chinese. The event will be conducted online.

October 9-12: Student application and selection (on a first-come, first-served basis, taking nationality into consideration)
October 15: Ice-breaking session to introduce details of event
October 16-22: Participants getting ready for the 5-minute introduction speech
October 23-25: Rehearsal on one of these days
October 29: October Event!!

How to apply
1. Scan the QR code below to register;
2. Deadline for registration: 22:00(UTC+8),October 12. 6 students will be selected, on a first-come, first-served basis, taking nationality into consideration.
3. Students who are selected will be notified by text/wechat messages;
4. This event is open to Tsinghua students who are currently registered.