EventsOnline International Conference on Design Futures 2020

The International Conference on Design Futures (ICDF 2020) is hosted by Tsinghua University and will be held online on November 7-8 and 14-15, 2020. This conference invited experts and scholars from well-known universities, laboratories, and institutions at home and abroad to discuss cutting-edge academic directions and share cross-industry innovation practices around the theme of "Design Futures". To provide a platform for educators, researchers, practitioners, students, and other cross-innovators in the field of design and innovation at home and abroad to explore the frontiers of disciplines, discuss the direction of future changes, and build an international academic community.

Dates: November 7-8, 2020; November 14-15, 2020

Form: Online


Design Futures
Study of the Future
Speculative Design
Design Exploration

This forum will launch a dialogue on the future of design from four dimensions:
• Future exploration (Speculation, resilience, mutual benefit): Shaping future social and cultural trends under the new normal
• Future theory (methods, tools, education): Integrating future thinking into design methods and education models
• Future empowerment (technology, industry, ecology): Industry and innovation trends from a multi-level perspective
• Future trends (cities, scenarios, services): Future life scenario experiment and smart society practice