EventsNotice regarding 2020 Graduation Ceremony Arrangements

The university will hold graduation ceremonies for graduates and undergraduates on June 22 (Monday) and June 23 (Tuesday) respectively. In light of the current epidemic prevention and control situation in Beijing, after deliberation and discussion, the upcoming graduation ceremonies for Tsinghua University in 2020 will adopt the form of an online "cloud graduation ceremony". The arrangement is as follows:

  1. Schedule:
    Graduate students graduation ceremony:
    8:00am, June 22 (Monday)
    Undergraduate students graduation ceremony:
    8:00am, June 23 (Tuesday)

  2. Attendance:
    On-campus students: Faculty and student representatives will attend at the square in front of the Old Auditorium. Other graduating students on-campus will attend in group gatherings outdoors according to their school/department.
    Off-campus students: students off-campus can attend virtually online – specific details will be included in a later notice.

  3. Degree Awarding:
    These graduation ceremonies will not include a degree awarding session. Students officially graduating in October 2019, January, April, or June 2020, can choose to return to university at any year in the future to participate in a degree awarding ceremony.

President’s Office
June17, 2020