EventsCross-Cultural "CloudChat" | Let's Embrace the World!

Time: May 17th 9:00-10:00PM, Beijing Time
Location: Tencent Meeting
Number of participants: 5-7

The cultural diversity of Tsinghua is what our community always values, appreciates and protects. The current “CloudChat” WeSalon aims to build an online platform for cross-cultural communication among Tsinghua students, and help our student body to develop a global vision as well as crucial skills for cross-cultural communication.

Through the “CloudChat” WeSalon, we want to display ideas and thoughts of youths from different countries by organizing an in-depth conversation on a myriad of topics. We hope that through such an event, participants can deepen their understanding on cultural mosaic and experience the beauty of cultural diversity.

The “CloudChat” WeSalon will have a set theme for each event, during which the host will ask questions relevant to the theme, and participants can freely answer, and share their thoughts and ideas, while others can join in on the conversation at any time. The event will be held in English.

To ensure the quality of everyone’s contribution, and the flow of the discussion, participants are encouraged to conduct investigations and other forms of preparation prior to the event. Participants can also send extra visual content like PPT slides, pictures and videos to the staff, in order to support their sharing.

The theme of the first “CloudChat” WeSalon is “Interpersonal relations during the global pandemic”. Humans are not alone in society. Ever since we were born, we are bound to all sorts of interpersonal relations, like family, friends, teachers, students, partners, etc. In some way, our interpersonal relations partially define who we are, what our position is in society, and what our goals are in life. More importantly, interacting with others and experiencing different relationships is a journey of self-improvement and self-discovery.

How interpersonal relations change during the global pandemic under different cultural backgrounds and how people handle such changes can be seen as a reflection of one’s cultural identity. By discussing this topic, we wish to offer an opportunity and a platform to get to know and understand the values, thoughts and behaviors of youths from different countries.

At some point in our lives, we all have to leave our home and journey into a foreign land for  academic or professional reasons. As we grow up, we fortunately gain some maturity, but meanwhile also lose our reliance on our parents.

During this global pandemic of the coronavirus, we have gained much precious time to spend at home with our beloved family.

If you have any interesting opinions about the questions mentioned above, and would love to share your thoughts with your Tsinghua peers, while also hearing other people’s perspectives, don’t miss out on the chance to join our event!

Please scan the following QR code and fill up the questionnaire.

Deadline for application: May 14, 12:00 noon, Beijing Time

Source: XiaoyanOnline