EventsOnline submission of graduation photo

According to the relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control, for the upcoming student graduation period this semester the university is not organizing the taking of graduation photos on site and instead will adopt online individual submission. The specific instructions are as follows:

1. Masters and PhD students expected to complete their studies in June and August who have submitted their pre-graduation declaration (log in to the Tsinghua Info portal – then click "graduation”then “pre-graduation application”before May 10 can participate in this online submission.

2. Students should log in to the following website between May 12 - 22, and submit their personal graduation photo according to the specific requirements. For details of the requirements, please refer to the attachment (Tsinghua graduate students online photo submission operation guide).

3. The graduation photo will be included on graduation diploma and degree certificate, as well as for academic qualification and degree information authentication. Students are requested to provide a photo meeting the requirements in the above attachment, and try to upload a photo wearing formal clothing with a blue background.

4. The collection of graduation photos during the epidemic period has been changed to an online collection method, the image processing fee will be paid by the university, with no need for payment by students. But please note that you will need to click on the payment button in order to proceed to the next step.

5. The university will also provide Masters and PhD students expected to graduate in August and October with the opportunity to submit their graduation photo online.

If Masters and PhD students who complete their studies in August fail to submit a pre-graduation declaration before May 10, the next pre-graduation declaration time is: June 29 - July 24, and the online submission time for graduation photos is July 25 to 30.

It is estimated that the pre-graduation declaration period for Masters and PhD students expected to graduate in October will be from August 16 to September 10. In September, the online submission of graduation photos will be organized again. The specific time will be announced later.

Graduate School
Tsinghua University
April 29, 2020

For photo specifications and website operation issues, please contact China Photo Service,
Tel: 010-63076401

If you have any other questions, please contact your school/department's Graduate academic officer or Program Coordinator.

(Translated by ISSC)