International Students & Scholars Center

The International Student and Scholars Center was established in 2016, aiming to offer a one stop service to assist the international students and faculty in Beijing. The high level of support includes assistance on immigration and visas, legal issues, health insurance, career development, accommodation, and language support as well as integrating into Chinese culture.

The Center combines resources within and outside the university to support academic exchanges, improve communication between local and international students and scholars, help to promote a better understanding of Chinese culture and the spirit of Tsinghua and to create a great environment for international students and scholars.

As part of an effort to help international students to have a smoother transition to their life in China, a series of buddy programs and seminars are available. The buddy program connects new international students with a Chinese student who offers linguistic support, campus tours, cultural guidance and information about life at Tsinghua. It helps to build friendship and makes a world of difference for the new arrivals. Seminars are aimed at broadening new students’ understanding of Chinese culture so they can quickly integrate into local life.


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