Events Tsinghua International Neuroimaging Symposium 2018

Time: October 29-30, 2018
Location: Main Building, Tsinghua University

Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence (THBI) is a new interdisciplinary research institute established by Tsinghua University on November 29, 2017 with dedicated faculty positions and research space. The institute aims to conduct cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, create reattach across different fields of computation neuroscience and artificial intelligence, and attract researchers from around the world. It brought together world-class scholars in this symposium to conduct groundbreaking and forward-looking research.

The main research directions of the institute are:
1.To develop novel neuro-technologies in brain-computer interface, human-computer interaction and neural modulation.
2.To use engineering techniques and computational models to explore complex problems in the forefront of brain sciences, for example, the biological basis of intelligence, neural mechanisms of speech and language, music perception and social interaction, neural circuits of emotion and decision-making, and neuro-aesthetics.
3.To develop brain-inspired devices and systems and conduct basic research on principles and algorithms for general artificial intelligence systems.

Speakers List:
Randy L Buckner: Large-Scale Network Organization in the Human Brain
Kamil Ugurbil: Harnessing Ultra-High Magnetic Fields Towards Meeting a Central Scientific Challenge: Imaging Human Brain Function and Connectivity over Multiple Spatial Scales
Xin Fan: A Case Study on MRI Reconstruction
Feng Feng: Clinical Imaging of Movement Disorders
Els Fieremans: Exploring Novel Strategies in q and t
Jiahong Gao: Progress in Chinese Human Connectome Project
Qiyong Gong: Current Psychoradiology of Schizophrenia
Bo Hong: Cortical Network and Neural Code for Speech Processing
Hao Huang: Imaging Brain Development
Jens Jensen: Diffusion MRI in Brain for Small and Large Diffusion Weightings
Tianzi Jiang: The Brainnetome Atlas and its Applications in Neuroscience and Brain Diseases
Christopher D. Kroenke: Effects of Drinking Alcohol on Brain Maturation during the Fetal Period and Late Adolescence in Rhesus Macaques
Luming Li: Technology Advances in Deep Brain Stimulation in China
Hesheng Liu: Studying Neuromodulation Effects in Individual Patients using fMRI
Jennifer McNab: New Encoding Paradigms for Diffusion MRI
John Sweeney: The Future of MR Applications in Psychiatry
Danny JJ Wang: Emerging Noninvasive MRI Markers of Cerebrovascular Diseases
Zheng Wang: Insights Learned from a Primate Genetic Model
Meiyun Wang: Non-contrast Enhanced MRI Techniques for Central Nervous System Diseases

By Edison Yang