Events The 12th Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students

Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students on New Theories and New Technology of Environmental Science and Engineering, is held by Tsinghua University, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (Environmental Education Committee), Collaborative Innovation Center for Regional Environmental Quality, State Key Joint Laboratory of Environment Simulation and Pollution Control, sponsored by Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology and Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering(Journal)(IF=1.716).
The 12th Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students will be held on October 18th-21st, 2018, at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China). We welcome doctoral students all over the world from related fields to submit your papers and join this grand event.

※   Water Pollution Control and Recycling
※   Air Pollution and Control
※   Solid Waste Pollution Control and Recycling
※   Environmental Economics, Management and Policy
※   Environmental Chemistry
※   Environmental Ecology and Health
※   Energy and Climate Change

1) Begining of abstract submission: April 26, 2018
2) Deadline of abstract submission: July 20, 2018
3) Successful author notification: August 6, 2018
4) Deadline of paper: September 6, 2018
5) Conference date: October 18 ~ 21, 2018

Doctoral students in China and abroad who are engaged in environmental studies and related disciplines (including those who will graduate in July, 2018)
2.Fee & Reimbursement
No registration fee.
A hotel for accommodation will be pprovided for all students which are not lived in Beijing.
50% of the round-trip ticket will be provided for the top ten students abroad in comprehensive performance evaluation and a one way ticket will be provided for the participates in China.
3.Award Selection
This conference will select excellent papers (20%), excellent presentations (20%) and posters (5%), and comprehensive grand prize, all awarded with prize money. Some outstanding papers will have the opportunity to be recommended for publication on SCI journals such as Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering.Participants will receive certification for their attendance.
Please visit our official website for submission details. Abstracts and papers must be submitted online.
Deadline for abstract submission is July 20, 2018.

1.Grand event for Doctoral Students
During the conference, the doctoral students are key participants. The conference has realized a new mode of “self-moderation, discussion, summary and commentary” which estabilshed a high-level academic atmosphere for doctoral students.
2.Academic Exchange with Renowned Professors
The academic committee of the conference is composed of outstanding academic leaders in various fields. As a widely acknowledged conference by professors from home and abroad, the “Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students” has become the largest academic platform for environmental doctoral students to communicate and innovate.
3.Outdoor and Cultural Events
In order to expand academic vision and learn Beijing’s local culture, we gladly provide students with exchange activities like cold dinner and tours to the Imperial Palace, the Great Wall ect.
4.Great Opportunity for International Communication
The international venue allows students from all over the world to discuss frontier issues in environmental fields.

The Organizing Committee of Environmental Conference for Doctoral Students, School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.