Events How to Build a Successful Career for a Global Digital Economy?

Time: Monday, July 9, 2018
Location: International Culture xSpace, Tsinghua University

Kris Singh is the President & CEO of SRII ( with a mission to build a global network and strategy for “driving digital economy innovation for a better world”. SRII members include key leaders from industry, academia, research, startups and government organizations from around the world.

Kris has been a senior leader in the Silicon Valley for more than 35 years and has worked with key companies like National Semiconductor, Intel, AMD and IBM Research. At National Semiconductor he worked on broad portfolios of semiconductor product development and global manufacturing operations.

Startup Grind University Chapter Beijing and International Students Educational Society hosted Kris Singh for an interactive session about lesson to be learned from Silicon Valley.

The Digital transformation is rapidly changing complete industries, companies and universities. In today’s technological progress organizational cultures and skill sets of employees are only slowly adapting to the breathtaking speed of innovation. However, both companies and employees need to learn how to shift towards a digital transformation, without losing focus or their competitive advantage.

As Stanford University professor, Kris Singh is an expert from Silicon Valley and knows about the transformation on all sides. During the sharing session, Kris Singh discussed with the audience the following four points:

-Skills students should learn today, in order to be successful in the future.
-Why not everybody needs to focus on AI, Machine learning and Big Data and why a non-computer student can be equally competitive and qualified in Digital Economy?
-Best practices of Startups, Universities and unicorns from Silicon Valley
-The benefits of Silicon Valley’s Networking culture and how it differs from Beijing.