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Foreign Student and Researcher Talked about Their Experience in Graduate School at Shenzhen

2012-04-25 15:29:35


"Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University has a lot of greenery; it provides an excellent environment for studying and research. I am glad I came to Shenzhen."

"I didn't know I would come to the Shenzhen campus at first, but now I love this place".

The above comments are from postdoctoral researcher Dr. Bernhard Lutz from Germany, and PhD candidate Mr. Mehrdad Mehrbod from Iran. On April 16, Dr. Lutz and Mr. Mehrbod met with staff of Overseas Cooperation Office and talked about their experience in Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University.

Dr. Lutz is currently doing the post-doctoral research in high voltage technology at Division of Energy and Environment; and Mr. Mehrbod is finishing his PhD at Division of Logistics and Transportation. Being at Graduate School of Shenzhen for nearly two years, both of them share the fondness of this campus. “The campus is surrounded by green hills, plants, lakes and rivers. It is quiet so I can concentrate on my research; meanwhile it is just 30 minutes to the bustling city centre of Shenzhen, and about two hours to Hong Kong.” Although they initially had little knowledge about Shenzhen, now they find this coastal city full of charm. “Shenzhen is already an international metropolis. It is young, modern and lively. The industries, and the international conferences constantly hosted in the city have attracted many foreigners to work and live here.”

When it comes to academic atmosphere, they considered the School as an excellent research centre."The School has a lot of industry-based research and close relationship with big companies in the region. Many of my fellows in the division got job offers before they graduated. The research experience here definitely enhances our employability.”

Both Dr. Lutz and Mr. Mehrbod pointed out we still had room for improvement:

"The food at the School canteen has a lot of variety, but it is a little too salty and oily what may be unhealthy in the long-term."

"I hope there could be more cultural exchange activities on campus so we could learn more from each others' cultures."

"The English environment on campus and the offer for studying the Chinese language should be more enhanced.”

Dr. Lutz and Mr. Mehrbod hoped the feedback and advice they provided would help the School create a multicultural campus environment.

This year, Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University set a goal to boost the internationalization of its campus. The School will continually improve support services to international students and enrich their lives and experience.