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GSST signs agreement with Calinks on intelligent transportation system

2012-04-25 15:20:19

On April 6, GSST signed a collaborative agreement with Shenzhen Calinks technology Co., LTD in the area of intelligent transportation system R&D. Dean Professor Kang Feiyu, Associate Dean Professor Zhao Qinggang, and Associate Dean Professor Jiang Yuyang attended the signing ceremony. Featured prominent guests include Investment Director of Morgan Fund Organization in China, Mr. Xu Caiyuan; Chairman of the Board of Daxing Automobile Co., LTD, Mr. Qin Minjun; General Manager of Shenzhen Calinks Technology Co., LTD, Mr. Qin Weiqi, and Director of Logistic and Transportation Division, Professor Miao Lixin.

In the signing ceremony, Professor Miao Lixin delivered a brief speech. He said that with the rapid development of urbanization, the urban transportation becomes more and more difficult to handle, therefore, intelligent transportation is an effective way to improve the city traffic. Daxing Automobile has the vision to tap into intelligent transportation besides its traditional business of car sales and car services. GSST has accumulated fruitful achievements in the field of intelligent transportation, so both sides can really achieve leading applied results in this field and play an effective role in the development of intelligent transportation through cooperation.

Mr. Qin Weiqi, the general manager of Calinks expressed heartful appreciation for the support of GSST. He said that the collaboration between Calinks and GSST will help Calinks to provide prospective products and improve comprehensive services. He hoped that Calinks and GSST would become long-term strategic partners and then formulate the school-enterprise cooperation model.

Professor Kang Feiyu congratulates the three parties’ cooperation on intelligent transportation. He said, Daxing Automobile is the leader in car sales field and Calinks is the pioneer of future automobile high-technology, the cooperation among the two companies and GSST would be a powerful alliance. By applying its talent advantage, academic advantage and the technology advantage, GSST will practically boost the development of intelligent transportation. Dean Kang also said that GSST is actively promoting technology transfer and commercialize its academic findings and innovations into the market. He hoped that through the cooperation, GSST can further promote innovation and cultivation of entrepreneurial and creative talents.

Shenzhen Calinks technology Co., LTD, established in 2008, is a professional technology company which develops and manufactures car audio navigation product and provides digital service platform. It is a national-level high-tech enterprise.

The intelligent transportation project includes three major aspects: improving the ability of dynamic path-finding by increasing the accuracy of the intelligent transportation guidance of products; developing parking guidance system and developing car networking to provide user more conveniences in cars.

Professor Miao Lixin giving the speech

Mr. Qin Weiqi, General Manager of Calinks Technology Co., LTD addressed at the signing ceremony

Professor Kang giving the speech

Representatives sign the agreement

Group Photo