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Mental Health Work Seminar was held

2012-04-25 15:12:05

On April 7th, a Mental Health Work Seminar was held in Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University. Deputy director of Psychology Department of Tsinghua University, the director of Social Work and Mental Health Research Center of GSST, Professor Li Hong and Professor Li Yan, the deputy director of Social Work and Mental Health Research Center, the director of Counseling Center of the main campus were invited to discuss mental health related work with counselors of the Divisions and teachers of the Graduate Affairs Office. The Seminar was hosted by GSST Deputy Party Secretary Yang Ruidong.

During the Seminar, Dr. Yang firstly briefed the general information and development of Shenzhen University Town and the director of Psychology Counseling Center, Ms. Zhang Hua introduced the work undertaken concerning students’ mental health conditions. Prof. Li Hong and Prof. Li Yan showed positive attitudes toward the work that has been carried out. Professor Li Yan stressed that the key point of student work is ideal and belief education and proposed that we should offer more opportunities for counselors to get psychological training and combine life education with ideological education, ideological education with psychological education in order to enhance professional skills. At last, teachers exchanged their ideas with two psychological experts on students’ common psychological problems and some typical cases. Professor Li Hong gave some advice to some individual cases from the perspective of cognitive psychology. She suggested that students should help themselves grow up through helping others and self-reflection. Professor Li Hong also discussed the positioning of students work and pointed out three levels of positive student work. She also encouraged teachers to learn more about psychology and organize special activities to help students contribute to society.

The two professors also visited our Counseling Center in the company of Dr. Yang Ruidong, deputy director of Social Work and Mental Health Research Center. They also discussed the issue concerning the work of the Center in the future, including initiation of psychological courses.