Department of Physics, Tsinghua University

School of Sciences Building

Beijing 100084, China 





Education and Employment

Tsinghua University at Taiwan B.S. (1970)

University of Oklahoma, Chemistry Department, Ph.D. (1976)

The City College, City University of New York, Postdoc (1980-1981)

Colorado State University, Chemistry Department, Researcher (1981-1982)

Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica, Beijing , Researcher (1977-1994)

Physics Department, Tsinghua University, Professor (1995--)  

 Visiting professor at the Chemistry Department, Hong Kong Baptist College (Nov. 1989,—July,1990,  now the Hong Kong Baptist University )

Visiting researcher at the Center for Advanced Study, Tsinghua University (1998-1999)

Visiting professor at the Physics Department of the Central University of Taiwan (Jan.-June 1999) Visiting professor at the Nonlinear Center, Hong Kong Baptist University (May-June, 2005)    

Visiting professor at the Theoretical Science Center in Taiwan ( May-July, 2009)


Chaos in dynamical systems (graduate , fall term)


Raman spectroscopy: An intensity approach  

Raman optical Activity

Molecular highly excited vibration: nonlinear and chaotic approach

Awards and Membership

Natural Science Award (2nd Prize) of Academia Sinica, 1994 due to the work on surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Selected Publications

Publications since 2010
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