As part of the continuous drive at Tsinghua University to enhance the quality of scientific research, the major focus of efforts in patent administration has been shifted from management of applications to support for high-quality patents and technology transfer. Support from the university strives to strengthen the idea of patent protection across a wide range of scientific research, by providing guidance on patent application strategies and choice of patent attorney, and by providing assistance with market valuation.Tsinghua University has developed an online application system which offers faculty and students a fast & easy access to do patent applications. The system makes university’s IP management accountable and standardized.With the help of the system, the number of domestic applied and granted patents has increased rapidly in recent years, while at the same time, the number of overseas applied and granted patents has also been growing year by year. In terms of the number of overseas granted patents Tsinghua University ranks top among Chinese Universities, and ranks 2th-3th among universities from all over the world (figures from 2013-2015). In 2015 a total of 500 overseas patent applications were made, and 390overseas patents were granted.

In total over the period from 1985 to 2015Tsinghua University filed 22308 domestic patents, and 14306 patents were granted. Over the same period a total of 3966 overseas patent applications were made, among which 2132 have been granted. In addition, 2187 computer software copyright registrations have been made. The total number of valid patents is around 15300, with 45% maintained for duration of more than 10 years.

About 35% of patents at Tsinghua University are co-owned with our industrial partners. Most of these co-owned patents have been commercialized through start-up companies. In addition some patents have been transferred to industries through patent licensing and transfer of patent rights.

Until 2015, Tsinghua University has obtained 14 Gold Medals of China Patent Awards, which is the highest number among Chinese Universities. In 2015, Tsinghua University obtained 5 National Outstanding Patent Awards, ranking at the top of all China universities.