Some Key Research Projects

Our faculty has taken the initiative in carrying out advanced scientific and technical research at the cutting edge of the international academic field. A large number of key research projects have been supported by the State ministries for many years. Such kind of long term support has significantly boosted research level in the related research fields, thereby enhancing their contribution to the national economy, while at the same time promoting international academic communication and cooperation.

Some basic scientific research projects sponsored by NSFC that stand at the frontier of international scientific research, including:

  • “high-resolution comprehensive system for in-situ detection of friction energy dissipation” (project ID: 51527901, Jianbin Luo)
  • “Intelligent processing of internet visual media” (project ID:61521002, Shimin Hu)
  • “Fundamental research on scientific problems of built environment establishment (project ID:51521005, Yinping Zhang)

Some projects sponsored by MOST, which aim to address key scientific and technological problems to support the national economy and social development, such as:

  • Research and demonstration of wind power accommodation technology based on heat-power decoupling (project ID:2015BAA01B03,Yong Min)
  • Research on CO2 capture technology from coal-fired power plants with low cost and low energy consumption (project ID:2015BAC04B01, Jian Chen)

Some projects sponsored by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, which aim to promote regional scientific and technological innovation, such as:

  • Study of functional chip and related core technologies of ten million class of brain inspired computing system (project ID:Z151100000915071,Luping Shi)
  • “Research and Demonstration of Intelligent Dispatching, Information Service and Safety Enhancement for Electric Minibus on Campus” (project ID:D15110900280000, Yi Zhang)

The major projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, such as:

  • “An institutional system study on the water rights market in China”
  • “A Study on the Collection of the Miswritten Characters in Pre-Qin and Han Dynasty”
  • “Chinese Graeco-Roman Philosophical Terminology Database Project”
  • “China's Historical GDP and Economic Structure: 980-1840”
  • “The Governance of Cyberspace Culture Security from the Perspective of Ideology”
  • “Internet Finance: Theory、Practice and Policy”

The key projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research supported by Ministry of Education, such as:

  • “Study on the Police Power in the Background of the Legal Construction of China”