Research projects are the main base of supporting high-level scientific research and high-quality talents training, meanwhile, which are an important force to lead the development of disciplines. National science and technology programs (special projects, funds) are the main source of Tsinghua’s R&D expenditures.

In 2015, the system of central financed science and technology programs was changed profoundly. National Key Technologies R&D Program, National High-tech R&D Program (863 program), National Basic Research Program (973 program) and others were integrated into National key R&D program,together with National Nature Science foundation, National Science and Technology Major project, Technological Innovation Guiding Project (Fund),and Base and Talent Project, constitute a new system of central financed science and technology programs; Science and technology programs of Beijing and other local government still keep stable.

The above sources provided over 1,500 million yuan for more than 1400 projects for the university in 2015.

In 2015, Tsinghua University conducted 706 new humanities and social sciences research projects,confirmed the expenditure more than 200 million, including 9 major projects supported by National Social Science Foundation, 2 key projects of Philosophy and Social Sciences Research supported by Ministry of Education.