Campus Services

Service facilities inside Tsinghua University make the life of students very convenient. The on-campus shopping center is located at Zhaolanyuan, where one can find banks, post office, super-market, bookstores, fruit and vegetable market, photo studios, restaurants, the barber's, laundries, etc. All kinds of services are also provided in the living area of students.

Banking Service

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of Beijing in Zhaolanyuan shopping center, Bank of China in Zijing Student Service Center (Building C) provide service for deposit and exchange of foreign currencies. US dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen can be exchanged to Renminbi. But the traveler's check is not acceptable there. Large amount of foreign currencies and traveler's check can be exchanged to Renminbi at a branch of Bank of China located at Chuangxin Plaza nearby University's East Gate. Banks open from 9:00 to 17:00 everyday.

On-campus Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) can be found at places like the Zijingyuan Dinning Hall, the Taoliyuan Dinning Hall, the Zijing Building No.4, 5 and 6, the post office, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, outside the Tingtaoyuan (formerly named No.10 Dining Hall), on the first floor of Guanchouyuan(formerly named Dining Plaza), the Financial Department of the University, etc.

Mailing Service

The post office located in the Student Service Center located in the west of the Zijing dormitory and Zhaolanyuan opens from 8:30 to 17:30 everyday, providing services of mailing, sending and receiving parcels, fax, telegram, distance calls, etc.


Student Service Center

The Student Services Center is located in the student living area, and is comprised of many supporting facilities, such as a bank, post office, supermarket, copy shop, bookstore, photography studio, optical shop and barber shop. In addition, the Front Desk of the Student Dormitory is located in the Student Service Center, which provides a 24 hour "one-stop" service. The specific services include change of dormitory, selling water and electricity cards for use in the dormitory, air conditioning leasing, lending spare keys of dormitory, opening doors through the network, helping students to notify when facilities need repairing, delivering packages, receiving complaints and consultations about relevant services, etc.

Sports Facilities

The on-campus sports facilities include the following:

The indoor swimming and diving gymnasium, and the West Lake outdoor swimming pool (Open from June.1st to Sep 1st each year).

The comprehensive gymnasium (sports facilities provided: badminton, table tennis, basketball, and gymnastic apparatus).

Western gymnasium (sports facilities provided: badminton, basketball, and billiards).

The plastic tennis court, the eastern gymnasium, and the table tennis Center.

International students may use the above mentioned services with Student ID cards and pay relevant fees.