Health Insurance

The health insurance system for the accidental injury and hospitalization of international students has been implemented in China. The insurance fees for scholarship-sponsored students are paid by the Ministry of Education of PRC. Self-financing students staying for no less than half a year can apply for the insurance at their own expenses upon registration. The students not joining health insurance are not allowed to register.

For the international students sponsored by CSC scholarships free medical care is provided:

1. CSC scholarships students shall first see a doctor at Tsinghua University Hospital with student IC card. Certificates from the University Hospital are required when the international students in concern need to transfer to some assigned hospitals due to serious diseases. The out-patients first pay for the medical expenses at assigned hospitals by themselves and will be reimbursed at FSAO with the receipt. Those students who get medical care at another hospital without permission or purchase medicines at their own wish shall bear the medical expenses by themselves. The insurance company will indemnify the medical expenses for accidental injury or hospitalization according to the insurance policy.

2. The following medical expenses are not included in the free medical service: registration fee at the hospital, food served in the hospital, spectacles, teeth filling, false teeth fitting, teeth extraction, child birth, abortion, corrective therapies for physical defects, nutritious food, non-prescription medicine and expenses on treating chronic diseases starting before the international students came to China. Students, hurt or killed because of participating in fighting or other violations of university rules or laws, shall bear their own medical expenses.

3. All the receipts for medical care should be submitted for reimbursement within two months after issuing.

For self-financing international students:

Self-financing students can seek medical care at the University Hospital or other hospitals at their own expenses. Those who have joined medical insurance will be reimbursed based upon the insurance policies.

Psychological Counseling

The center for psychological counseling is located in Room 113, No.10 Building (Tel: 62782007).