Student Exchange

With the continuous development of higher education, the quantity and quality of globalized student education programs has become one of the important features of globalized universities around the world. To implement the university’s strategy of globalized student education, Tsinghua University continues to develop cooperation relationships with prestigious universities, research institutions and enterprises around the world, and cooperates with CSC programs and the University’s schools and departments, and sends students overseas for degree programs, joint education, student exchanges, joint research, short-term exchanges, summer internships, and international conferences. A total of around 7,000 students were sent overseas in 2016. These international exchange programs have received favorable comments from faculty and students and obtained strong support of the University’s offices and schools and departments, which laid a good foundation for further extension and expansion of globalized education programs.

To closely combine the globalized education programs with the top creative talent training plan, a series of features programs, such as the distinguished freshmen overseas study program, the summer research program, and summer courses, have been developed, as well as further developing the student exchange programs.



1980年进入清华大学水利系学习,1986年大学毕业留校工作。1990年获清华大学硕士学位,1995年获日本东京大学博士学位。2006年2 月任清华大学副校长,2006年9月任清华大学党委常务副书记。2008年12月至2013年12月任清华大学党委书记。目前担任中国国家灌排委员会副主 席、国际灌排委员会(ICID)环境影响工作组主席、全球水伙伴(GWP)中国国家委员会理事会理事、北京水利学会副理事长等学术职务。