International Scholars

Since its founding in 1911, Tsinghua University has embraced countless international scholars. Nowadays, over 2,000 international scholars (visiting researchers, professors, and lecturers) and accompanying family members from more than 70 countries live in the Tsinghua community, making significant contributions to the university.

International Scholar Services

The Office of International Cooperation and Exchange, with its International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC), is ready to help international scholars in dealing with administrative issues and answer inquiries related to visa matters, family, employment, or cultural exchange. The Office and ISSC will also facilitate and organize activities and programs through which international scholars will have an opportunity to make valuable social connections and become acquainted with the resources at Tsinghua.

The Office and ISSC serves both the overseas scholars and the Tsinghua host departments with the following items:

  • Visa Invitation Letter application
  • Work Permit application
  • Foreign Expert Certificate application
  • Residence Permit application and extension
  • Campus accommodation application and registration
  • Newcomers orientation
  • Cultural activities organization
  • Other related issues and consultation

Phone: +86-10-62788503, 62784857
Fax: +86-10-62771134, 62784621



1980年进入清华大学水利系学习,1986年大学毕业留校工作。1990年获清华大学硕士学位,1995年获日本东京大学博士学位。2006年2 月任清华大学副校长,2006年9月任清华大学党委常务副书记。2008年12月至2013年12月任清华大学党委书记。目前担任中国国家灌排委员会副主 席、国际灌排委员会(ICID)环境影响工作组主席、全球水伙伴(GWP)中国国家委员会理事会理事、北京水利学会副理事长等学术职务。