HAN Yingduo

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Member, the Standing Council of CSEE
Vice-chairman, the Beijing Society of E.E.
Senior Member, IEEE
Co-editor, Electric Power System and Automation

Research Interests

  • Electric Power Systems and Automation
  • Security and Stability Analysis, Control, Optimal Planning of Long Distance Transmission Systems and Interconnected Power Systems
  • FACTS, Intelligent Control, Regional Stability Control, New Dynamic Security Estimation and Control Based on GPS

Professional Experiences

1987-now, Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing


1986, Erlangen-Nuernberg University, Germany, Ph.D.
1962-1965, Tsinghua University, Beijing, M.S.
1956-1962, Tsinghua University, Beijing, B.S.

Awards & Honors

Awarded 5 research and education prizes at the State level and 7 first or second rank prizes at the provincial and ministerial levels
2002, 2nd Prize of Science & Technology Progress, State Science Commission
1997, Top Grade Prize of National Teaching Achievement Award
1992, 2nd Prize of Science & Technology Progress, State Science Commission
1991, 1st Prize of Science & Technology Progress, National Education Commission
1990, 3rd Prize of Science & Technology Progress, State Science Commission

Selected Publications

Published 150 international journal papers and 2 monographs including:
1. Yingduo Han, Qiang Lu, Genglie Feng, Shujun Chen: Improving Stability of Long Distance Transmission Systems based on Optimal Exciting Control. Journal of Tsinghua University, 1978,No.2,p.68-85.
2. Qiang Lu, Zhonghong Wang, Yingduo Han. Power System Optimal Control[M]. Beijing: Science Press, 1984.
3. Yingduo Han, Zhonghong Wang, Huaijin Chen. Optimal Decentralized Coordination Control of Power Systems [M].Beijing: Tsinghua University Press,1997.
4. Yingduo Han, Zhonghong Wang, Kongxing Lin et al. Three new front subjects in power systems--FACTS,intelligent control and dynamic security analysis and monitor system based on GPS[J]. Journal of Tsinghua University,1997,37(7):1-6.
5. Han YD, Xiu LC, Wang ZH, Chen Q, Tan SH: Artificial neural networks controlled fast valving in a power generation plant. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS.8 (2): 373-389 MAR 1997
6. Yong Min, Renjie Ding, Yingduo Han et al. Analysis of synchronous phasor measurement result of the first-order system accident[J]. Automation of Electric Power Systems, 1998, 22(7): 10-13.
7. Wong MC, Zhao ZY, Han YD, Zhao LB : Three-dimensional pulse-width modulation technique in three-level power inverters for three-phase four-wired system . IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS ,Vol 16 (3): 418-427 MAY 2001
8. Dong S, Chen JY, Han YD, Song YH: Abnormal DC overvoltage in STATCOM during gating-pulse blocking: Its mechanism and countermeasures. ELECTRIC POWER COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS,Vol 29 (8): 695-705 AUG 2001
9. Man-Chung Wong, Jing Tang, Ying-Duo Han : Cylindrical Coordinate Control of Three-Dimensional PWM Technique in Three-Phase Four-Wired Three level Inverter. IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Vol. 18, No. 1, Jan. 2003, p. 208 – p. 220.
10. Ning-Yi Dai, Man-Chung Wong, Ying-Duo Han, "Application of a three-level NPC inverter as a three-phase four-wire power quality compensator by generalized 3DSVM", IEEE Trans. Power Electronics. Vol.21, pp.440-449, March 2006


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E-mail: hanyd@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn