GUAN Zhaoye

Guan Zhaoye

Guan Zhaoye, male, was born in Beijing in 1929. He graduated from Tsinghua University in 1952 and starting his career of teaching and practicing architecture until now. In 1981,he was a visiting scholar for one year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United State. He is now a professor and PHD supervisor in the School of Architecture, at Tsinghua University. He has been the director of Architecture Creation Committee of Architecture Society of China and was elected as member in the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995. In 2000, he was conferred the Master of Design and won the First Liang Sicheng Architecture Award and the Ninth Formative Arts Achievement Award of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles (the third time in the field of the architecture). He is the author of Guan Zhaoye Anthology 1956-2001 and Guan Zhaoye Anthology 2002-2010.

Professor Guan dedicates himself to designing and studying architecture of culture and education, and values the impact of architecture on the emotion, concept and taste of people. He advocates the harmony of architecture, nature and human environment and emphasizes that the architectural design should respect history, environment and embodies "spirit of the age". He promotes architecture that fits in with its function and personality, and objects blind pursuit of luxury and novelty.

For several decades, Guan Zhaoye has achieved masses of high-level academic results by designing buildings which respond to the spirit of age, cultural identity and regional conditions. More than 40 papers and translations have been published; more than 80 high-level architectural designs has been designed and some of them gained national recognitions. The designs of the Main Building of Tsinghua University, the new library of Tsinghua University, the new library of Peking University, the building complex of School of Science at Tsinghua University, the library of Xian Eurasia University and Guilin Park Hotel, which are designed by Guan Zhaoye, were elected to the Architectural creation award of the 60th anniversary of China's Founding. The designs of the new library of Tsinghua University and the School of medicine at Tsinghua University gained the gold medal of the National Engineering Design award. The design of the new library of Tsinghua University was chosen to East Asia Volume of the 20th Century World Architecture Collection. Some of the best example of his works includes Xuzhou Museum, Xuzhou Art Museum of Han Stone Carvings, Hebei Museum, Taizhou library, the complex of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the teaching buildings of Hainan University and so on. In 1989, he gained the Special Award which was granted by the Union of International Architects in the Competition of International Architectural Design at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. It's the first time that Chinese architect won a prize in the international competition.