YUE Guangxi

Academic Posts

Professor, Thermal Engineering Department Tsinghua University
Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Member of the Chinese Society of Engineering Thermo-physics

Research Interests

  • Combustion engineering
  • Fluidized bed combustion
  • Coal gasification

Professional Experiences

1970-1973, Engineer in the Pilot Power Plant Tsinghua University
1973-1979, Engineer in Lian Xian Electric Motor Co.
1981-now, Associate Professor, Full professor in Thermal Engineering department Tsinghua University


1964-1970, Bachelor in Thermal Engineering department Tsinghua University
1979-1981, Graduated study on Advanced Thermal Engineering and Heat Transfer in Tsinghua University
1987-1990, Visiting Scientist in Chemical Engineering Department MIT USA

Awards & Honors

National Science and Technology Progress Award, Second Class 2006
Guanghua Engineering Award of Chinese Academic Engineering 2008
The Science and technology Progress Award by the Ministry of Education of PEC, first class 2009
The Science and Technology Progress Award by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, first class 2009

Selected Publications

1. Yang Hairui, Zhang Hai, Yang Shi, Yue Guangxi, Su Jun, Fu Zhiping. Effect of bed pressure drop on performance of a CFB boiler. Energy and Fuels, 2009, 23(6): 2886-2890.
2. Yang Shi, Yang Hairui, Zhang Hai, Li Shaohua, Yue, Guangxi. A transient method to study the pressure drop characteristics of the cyclone in a CFB system. Powder Technology, 2009, 192(1): 105-109
3. Li,Jinjing Wang Wei, Yang Hairui,* Lu Junfu, Yue Guangxi. Bed Inventory Overturn in a Circulating Fluid Bed Riser with Pant-leg Structure. Energy & Fuels, 2009, 2(6):, 2565–2569
4. Hu Nan, Zhang Hai, Yang Hairui, Yang Shi, Yue Guangxi, Lu Junfu, Liu Qing. Effects of riser height and total solids inventory on the gas-solids in an ultra-tall CFB riser. Powder Technology, 2009, 196(1): 8-13
5. Zhu Mingming, Zhang Hai, Tang Gentu, Liu Qing, Lu Junfu, Yue Guangxi, Wang Shuangfeng, Wan, Shixin. Ignition of single coal particle in a hot furnace under normal- And micro-gravity condition. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 2009, 32(II): 2029-2035. Proceedings of the Combustion Institute - 32nd International Symposium on Combustion
6. Li Shaohua, Yang Hairui, Zhang Hai, Yang Shi, Lu Junfu, Yue, Guangxi. Measurements of solid concentration and particle velocity distributions near the wall of a cyclone. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2009, 150(1): 168~173.
7. Yang Shi, Yang Hairui, Zhang Hai, Li Jinjing, Yue, Guangxi. Impact of operating conditions on the performance of the external loop in a CFB reactor. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification, 2009, 48(4): 921-926
8. Hou Xiangsong, Zhang Hai, Yang Shi, Lu Junfu, Yue Guangxi. N2O Decomposition over the Circulating Ashes from Coal-fired CFB Boilers. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2008, 140(1-3): 43-51
9. Hou Xiangsong, Zhang Hai, Pilawska M, Lu Junfu, Yue Guangxi. The formation of N2O during the reduction of NO by NH3. Fuel, 2008, 87(15-16): 3271-3277
10. Zhang Shouyu, Lu Junfu, Zhang Jiansheng, Yue Guangxi. Effect of pyrolysis intensity on the reactivity of coal char. Energy and Fuels, 2008, 22(5): 3213-3221
11. Wu Yuxin, Zhang Jiansheng, Yue Guangxi, Lu Junfu. Analysis of dominating process between mixing and reactions in a texaco coal gasifier. Journal of Combustion Science and Technology, 2009, 15(4) 287-292.
12. Li Jinjing, Lu Junfu, Liu Shuqing, Yue Guangxi, Li Zheng. Modeling of a 300 MW circulating fluidized bed boiler. Journal of Tsinghua University, 2009, 49(11): 1813-1817.
13. Tang Gentu, Lu Junfu, Yue Guangxi, Zhang Hai. Effects of CO2 dilution on NOx formation characteristics in syngas diffusion flames. Journal of Combustion Science and Technology, 2009, 15(3): 226-231.
14. Huang Zhimin, Lu Junfu, Zhang Hai, Yue Guangxi, Li Jinping. Research on the anthracite pyrolysis property by thermogravimetric analysis, IN Proceedings of 2009 Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, Wuhan,2009.
15. Yue Guangxi, LATEST DEVELOPMENT OF CFB BOILERS IN CHINA, Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Fluidized Bed Combustion, 2009, Xi'an, China, 3-13


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