WANG Yuming

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanology, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Vice President, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
Member, Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers(STLE)

Research Interests

  • Machinery design and theory
  • Liquid seal engineering
  • R&D, application and industrialization of dangerous gas turbine machinery, non-contact dynamic sealing device and its measure and control system

Professional Experiences

09.2007-now, Professor, Department of Precision Instruments and Mechanology, Tsinghua University,Beijing
09.2005-08.2007, chief engineer, Management Committee, Tianjin Hi-tech Industrial Park
05.1996-08.2005, senior engineer, Tianjin Timing Seals Co. ltd
10.1988-04.1996, senior engineer, Tianjin Crane Seals Co. ltd
04.1982-09.1988, senior engineer, Tianjin Mechanical Seals Factory
01.1968-03.1982, engineer, Research Institute of Physical and Chemical Engineering of Nuclear Industry
1965-1968, technician, Compressor Machinery Research Institute, the First Machinery Industry Department


1959-1965, Bachelor, major in Gas Turbine, Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, TsinghuaUniversity

Awards & Honors

Professor WANG Yuming has had 8 patents in China and 2 patents in U.S.A.
2005, 2nd Prize, National Tech & Invention Award
2003, 2nd Prize, National Science & Technology Progress Award; 2nd Prize, Tianjin Tech & Invention Award
2001, 1st Prize, Tianjin Science & Technology Progress Award
1996, 4th Prize, Tech & Invention Award, Ministry of Machinery

Selected Publications

Published over 40 academic papers in China and overseas, in which 5 are included in SCI, 6 in EI, and2 in ISTP.
1. WANG Yuming and CHEN Zhenqiang. Some Experimental Investigations About "Seal Breakdown" and "Gas Ingestion" in Viscoseals. Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Fluid Sealing. 1988. EI No.: 84080141575
2. WANG Yuming and CHEN Zhenqiang. "Effective Use of Buffer Gas Sleeve-Type Seals in Centrifugal Compressors", STLE/ASME Tribology Conference. Tribology Transactions, Vol. 31, 3, 1998. pp376-381. EI No.:88110156539; also include in SCI.
3. WANG Yuming and YANG Suqing. A Test Rig for High "PV" Value Seals. 44th STLE Annual MeetingLub. Engineering, Vol.46, 4, pp223-227. 1990. EI No.: 90080512175.
4. WANG Yuming and CHEN Ruzhuo. Development and Application of Combined Screw-Floating Bushing Seal. The 7th Asian International Conference on Fluid Machinery, Oct., 2003, Fukuoka,Japan.
5. WANG Yuming and WANG Jianli. Theoretical Analyses and Design Guidelines of Oil-Film Lubricated Mechanical Face Seals with Spiral Grooves. 59th STLE Annual Meeting/TribologyTransactions, Vol. 47, 4, 2004, pp537-542. 2004. SCI No.: 867TO, EI No.: 063110039888/0634 10079710, ISTP IDS No.: 867TO
6. WANG Yuming and YANG Huixia. Experimental Investigations and Field Applications of Oil-Film Lubricated Mechanical Face Seals with Spiral Grooves. 59th STLE Annual Meeting/TribologyTransactions, Vol. 48, 4, 2005, pp589-596. SCI No.: 001MD, EI No.: 064010152204, ISTP IDS No.: 001MD
7. WANG Yuming. Combined Screw-Floating Bushing Seals: Fundamentals, Application and Performance Analysis. 60th STLE Annual Meeting, May, 2005, Las Vegas, USA.

8. WANG Yuming, YANG Huixia, etal. Theoretical Analyses and Field Applications of Gas-Film Lubricated Mechanical Face Seals with Herringbone Spiral Grooves. 61st STLE Annual Meeting, May, 2006, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
9. WANG Yuming, WANG Jianli, etal. Development of Shaft S ealing Technology of High-Speed Turbo-Compressors in Process Industries. 8th Asian International Fluid Machinery Conference,October 12-15, 2005, Yichang, China.


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