WANG Sijing

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Hydraulics and Hydropower Engineering, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)
Board Director, Division of Energy and Mining Engineering, CAE
Director, Joint Research Center for Slope Engineering, CAS and HKU
Editor-in-Chief, Chinese Journal of Engineering Geology
Board Editor, International Journal of Engineering Geology, by ELSEVIER
Members of Editorial Committee, ACTA GEOLOGICA SINICA
President, International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment
President, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering
Member of Commission D-18, ASTM
President, China Committee for Engineering Geology
Vice-president of IAEG
Vice-president, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanic and Engineering
Vice-president, Chinese Society for Quaternary Research
President of Association for International Development (AGID) (1987-1992)
Vice-president, International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG) (1982-1986)

Research Interests

  • Rock Mechanics
  • Rock Mass Engineering
  • Engineering Geology

Professional Experiences

2001-now, Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1999-now, Distinguished Visiting Professor, the University of Hong Kong
1990-now, Invited Professor, Nanjing University, Changchun College of Geology, Northern China institute of Hydropower, China University of Science and Technology, Zhongshan University
1963-now, Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
1983-now, Visiting Professor, New South Wales University, Australia
1996-1999, Honorary Professor, Hong Kong University,
1990-1993, Visiting Professor, International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Nepal
1985-1993, Visiting Professor, University of Catania, Italy ()
1983, Visiting Professor, the West Ontario University, Canada


1953-1959 Moscow Institute of Geology, Ph.D. in Mineral-Geological Sciences. Russia

Awards & Honors

1987, National Expert of Outstanding Achievements
1987, Medal of Outstanding Contribution of Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society
2005, Academic Achievement Medal of Lyon, France

Selected Publications

Published over 160 papers and Monographs including:
1. Sijing Wang, Xiaoli Liu, Enzhi Wang, Hydro-geodynamic analysis and its application, 2nd International Conference on Coupled T-H-M-C Processes in Geosystems(GeoProc 2006), p. 14-30 (2006)
2. Xiaoli Liu, Sijing Wang, Enzhi Wang, Study on the uplift mechanism of the dam body and rock masses on right side of Tongjiezi dam after water impounding using a coupled hydro-mechanical model, Sichuan province, China, 2nd International Conference on Coupled T-H-M-C Processes in Geosystems(GeoProc 2006), p. 520-528 (2006)
3. Wang Sijing Geoenvironmental Consideration in the Strategic planning for development, ICIMOD Ka nsive suitability index (CSI) for siting the Shisan-Ling power station, China. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences 37:839-853. (1998)
4. Wang Sijing et al. Environmental Geology in Xichang-Dukou Area. Beijing: China Ocean Press (in Chinese). (1990)
5. Wang Sijing. Engineering Geomechanics for rock dam Foundation. Beijing: Science press (in Chinese ). (1990)
6. Wang Sijing (ed.) Engineering Geological Problems in Asia. Beijing:Science Press. (1986)
7. Wang Sijing et al. (1984) Stability analysis of rock mass for underground excavation. Beijing: Science Press (in Chinese).
8. Liu Xiao-li, Wang Si-jing, Wang Enzhi, Xue Qiang . Double-Medium Constitutive Model of Geological Material In Uniaxial Tension and Compression. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics,27(10):1361~1372,(2006)
9. Liu Xiao-li,Wang Si-jing, Wang En-zhi, Xue Qiang. The study of time-dependent swelling constitutive relation of swelling rock. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 37(2):195~199. (2006)
10. Liu Xiao-li, Liang Bing, Wang Si-jing, Li Hong-yan. Mathematical model study on liquid-solid coupling of water-air two-phase Flow infiltrating and double porosity medium deforming, Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 36(4):405~412. (2005)
11. Wang Sijing, Wang Enzhi, Recent Study on Coupled Processes in Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Fields in China. 1st International Conference on Coupled T-H-M-C Processes in Geosystems(GeoProc 2003), p. 66-76 (2003)


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