SUN Jiaguang

Sun Jiaguang

Professor Sun Jiaguang is an expert in software areas. He was born in Zhenjiang, JiangSu Province in January 1946 and graduated from the Automation Department of Tsinghua University in 1970. He is the director of School of IST (Information Science & Technology) in Tsinghua University. Prof. Sun also acts as deputy director of Academic Affairs Committee of the University, member of the Academic Degree Committee and the Disciplines Evaluation Panel of the State Council, director of TSCSE (Teaching Supervision Committee for Software Engineering) in the Ministry of Education, PRC. Moreover, Prof. Sun is also the director of National Engineering Research Center of CAD Supporting Software, director of Tsinghua National Laboratory for IST (Information Science & Technology), president of Executive Council of China Engineering Graphics Society. In 1999, Prof. Sun was elected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Professor Sun dedicated in teaching and R&D activities in Computer Graphics, Computer-Aided Design, Formal Verification of Software, Software Engineering and System Architecture. He has been in charge of several major software R&D projects, including, Integrated CAD system, 3D Product Modeling platform, Product Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management system (PDM/PLM), and Enterprise Information Integration system (EIS), which have been applied by hundreds of large enterprises. He made great contributions in promoting Informatization of manufacturing industry, raising the ability of software industrialization. In the instructional work, Prof. Sun actively proceeded the college mechanism reform and instruction mode innovation. He proposed to establish national model software school, and in Tsinghua University's, he advocated the teaching principle "learning in practicing, breaking through in practicing, creating in practicing".