Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Vice Chairperson, Committee of Environment and Resource Protection, The National People'sCongress, China

Research Interests

  • Water Pollution Control Technology and Mechanisms
  • Cleaner Production and Waste Minimization
  • Circular Economy and Sustainable Development

Professional Experiences

1959-now, Tsinghua University, Beijing


1959, Tsinghua University, Beijing, M.S.
1956, Tongji University, Shanghai, B.S.

Awards & Honors

2003, 2nd Award of National Science and Technology Progress
1998, 3rd Prize of National Science and Technology Invention
1997, Highest Prize for Global Cooperation of China Environment and Development
1993, 3rd Prize of National Science and Technology Progress

Selected Publications

Published over 100 papers in national and international journals and at academic conferences:
1. QIAN, Yi, Circular Economy and Sustainable Development, Land and resources, Feb. 2005
2. QIAN, Yi: Circular Economy and sustainable Development, World Engineer's Congress, Nov.2004, Shanghai, China
2. QIAN, Yi, Cleaner Production and Circular Economy----New Strategy for Environment and Development, International Conference on Pollution in the Metropolitan and Urban Environment(POLMET) 2003 .Nov.3-5, Hong Kong
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14. Fan XJ, Urbain V, Qian Y, et al. Ultrafiltration of activated sludge with ceramic membranes in a cross-flow membrane bioreactor process 2nd International Conference on Membrane tecchnology in Environmental Management, NOV 01-04, 1999 WATER SCI TECHNOL 41 (10-11): 243-250, 2000.
15. Huang X, Gui P, Qian Y. Domestic wastewater treatment using a submerged membrane bioreactor I International Conference on Bioseparation Engineering: Recovery and Recycle of Resources to Protect the Global Environment, JUL 04-07, 1999 BIOSEPARATION ENGINEERING, 163-168, 2000.


Phone +86-10-62785684
E-mail: qiany@tsinghua.edu.cn