NI Weidou

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Member, International Academy of Higher Education
Member, the Committee of Science and Technology of Ministry of Education
Vice Chairman, Association of Science and Technology of Beijing

Research Interests

  • Modeling, Simulation, Control and Diagnostics of Turbo-Machinery and Thermal Power Systems
  • On-line Monitoring and Diagnostics of Large Power Plants
  • Training Simulator for Gas/Steam Combined Cycles

Professional Experiences

1995-1999, Vice President of Tsinghua University Council, Chief Scientist of State Climbing B Project
1988-1994, Vice President of Tsinghua University
1963-1987, Associate Professor, Professor, Chairman of the Department of Thermal Engineering, Chairman of the Department of Automobile Engineering
1957-1960, Assistant Professor in Tsinghua University, Beijing


1960-1962, Doctor Candidate in Kalining Polytechnic Institute of Leningrad, USSR
1951-1957, undergraduate in Bauman Polytechnic Institute of Moscow
1950-1951, undergraduate in Tsinghua University

Awards & Honors

1998, 2nd Prize of National Science & Technology Progress, State Science Commission
1997, 1st Prize of Science & Technology Progress, Ministry of Power
1994, 2nd Prize of Science & Technology Progress, National Education Commission
1993, 1st Prize of Science & Technology Progress, National Education Commission

Selected Publications

Authored and co-authored over 200 journal articles and national/international conference papers and 5 technical books.
1. Song Zheng, Weidou Ni. The Design and Application of PLC-Based Distributed Control System[J].The 3rd International Conference on Control Theory and Applications Pretoria, South Africa December12-14,2001.
2. Wen Feng, Shujuan Wang, Weidou Ni, Changhe Chen, The future of hydrogen infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles in China and a case of application in Beijing [J], International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2004. 3. Weidou Ni et al, Research Report on Application of Coal Gasification-Centered PolygenerationEnergy System in China, P113, January 2003.
4. Weidou Ni, Jiyu Xu, Automatic Governing Philosophy and Turbine Automatic Governing, Beijing: Machine Industry Press, 1991.
5. Dongxiang Jiang, Weidou Ni, Chun Zhang, Yan Tao, Network system of remote on-line monitoring and d... .Beijing: Journal of Tsinghua University, 2000,2 1 20
6. Weidou Ni, Guangxi Yue, Xin Sun, Wei Zhang, Compounded pressure drop mathematical model of circulating fluidized bed boilers (CFBC). Power Engineering, 1997, 17(3): 13-16
7. Weidou Ni, Thomas B. Johansson. Energy for sustainable development in China, Energy Policy, 32:1225-1229, (2004)
8. Weidou NI. Fractal geometry and its application to vibration faults diagnosis for rotating machinery, Key Engineering Materials, v245-346, 2003, p.265-272


Phone: +86-10-62771953