CHEN Bingzhen

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)
Member, Advisory Board of "Computers & Chemical Engineering"
Associate editor-in chief of the Journal of "Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering" (international)
Co-chairman, 8th International Symposium on Process System Engineering

Research Interests

  • Wavelets and its application to dynamic process modeling and fault diagnosis
  • Process data reconciliation
  • Application of artificial intelligence to process modeling
  • Chemical process safety

Professional Experiences

1984-now, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1982-1983, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering,Tsinghua University, Beijing
1972-1982, Lecturer, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1962-1971, Assistant professor, China University of Petroleum, Beijing


1954-1959, Moscow University of Chemical Technology after Mendeleev, USSR, B.S.
1959-1962, Moscow University of Chemical Technology after Mendeleev, USSR, Ph.D.

Awards & Honors

1978, Award of Important Achievements by the National Science and Technology Conference
1985, National Science and Technology Progress Award, National Science and Technology Committee

Selected Publications

Had more than 200 publications, including:
1. Kong,MF;Chen BZ;He,XR;Hu,SY(2005),Gross error identification for dynamic system, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 29(1):191-197.
2. Gao Xiaodan, Chen Bingzhen, He Xiaorong(2005),Estimation of the selectivities of the first-order reaction in Naphtha Pyrolysis process based on Fuzzy matching method, 2005 AIChE Spring National Meeting, Conference Proceedings, 47c, p 1007-1011.
3. Hangzhou Wang, Bingzhen Chen, Xiaorong He(2005),A Conceptual Design Method of the Total Site Energy System in Process Industries, 2005 AIChE Annual Meetingl , Conference Proceedings(Cincinnati, OH, October 30 –November 4).
4. Jian Zhang, B.Z.Chen ,Shanying Hu, Xiaorong He(2004), Variable decomposition based global optimization algorithm for process synthesis, PSE 2003 8th International symposium on PSE, Kunming, China, p666-671.
5. Jiang Taiwen, Chen Bingzhen , He Xiaorong,, Application of steady-state detection method based on wavelet transform, Computers and Chemical Engineering, 27:569-578.
6. Wang Jian, Xu Qiang, Chen Bingzhen et al (2003). Parallel Optimization Scheme for Industrial Steam Cracking Process. Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 36(1): 14-19.
7. Xu Qiang,Chen Bingzhen,He Xiaorong(2002),A fast simulation algorithm for industrial cracking furnaces, Hydrocarbon Processing,81(12), 65-68.
8. Kong Mingfang, Chen Bingzhen , He Xiaorong(2002), Wavelet-based regularization of dynamic data reconciliation, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 41(14):3405-3412.
9. Li Bo, Chen Bingzhen (2002), Study on flexibility of sensor network for linear processes, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 26(10):1363-1368.
10. Li Bo, Chen Bingzhen , Wang Jian(2001), Steady-state online data reconciliation in a crude oil distillation unit, Hydrocarbon Processing, 80(3):61-64.


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