LI Sanli

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Chief Scientist of the State "Climbing" Program in Computer Project
Co-Chairman of Accreditation Committee in Computer Discipline of the State Academic Commission of the State Council
Executive Director of China Computer Federation
President of IEEE Mainland China Board Director of EUROMICRO in Europe

Research Interests

  • Computer Architecture, including
  • Local Area Networks
  • Microprocessor Systems
  • RISC Architecture and RISC Technology

Professional Experiences

1961-now, Tsinghua University, Beijing


1960, PhD from Academy of Sciences of the former USSR
1955, Department of Radio Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Awards & Honors

2001, 1st Prize of Science & Technology, Shanghai Municipal Government
1999, 2nd Prize of Science & Technology, Ministry of Education

Selected Publications

Published 12 books and more than 100 papers in journals, conference proceedings and other publications, including:
1. Huang ZhenChun, Li SanLi--"IPULOC—Exploring Dynamic Program Locality with Instruction Processing Unit for Filling Memory Gap" , Journal of Computer Science and Technology, 2001
2. Huan ZhunChun, LI Sanli, Xu Weimin -- ECMS: High Parallelism Operations With Instruction Processing Unit, International Parallel Distributed Computing Systems November 11, 2000, Las Vegas, USA
3. Ge Yi, Li Sanli, Xu Weimin-- "Parallel Systems based on Memory Centric Interconnection Network", International Conference on Parallel & Distributed Computing Systems, November12, 2000, Las Vegas, USA
4. S.Y.Li,Z.H.Du,M.Y.Wu,Jing Zhu,S.L.Li--"On the Physical Application of Simulated Annealing Algorithm", International Jouyrnal of Modern Phys.C. Accepted(SCI Cited)
5. M.Y.Wu, S.Y.Li,Jing Zhu, Z.H.Du, S.L.Li--"Measurement of the Fine Structure Factors and Extinction Distance by QCBED in C03 Ti with and without B Doping", Submitted to Acta Crystallorgraphic.(SCI cited)
6. Li Sanli--"High Performance Computing System's Techniques and Application" Invited Keynote Speech at Plenary Meeting, International Conference of Young Computer Scientists (ICYCS'99), August 17-20, 1999, Nanjing, China.
7. Li San-Li, Huang ZhenChun-- "Lookahead Cache with Instruction Processing Unit for Filling Memory Gap", IEEE Press Proceedings of Digital System Design Workshop of EUROMICRO'99 Conference , pp. 256-260, Milan, Italy, September 8-10,1999
8. W.K.Lam, Sanli Li--"The Design of Contractual Mechanism for Managing Computation Resources in Networked Environment", Proceedings of Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, pp.339-344, August 18-20,1999, Florida, USA.
9. Zhihui Du, Sanli Li, Shuyou Li, Mengyue Wu, and Jing Zhu--"Massively Parallel Simulated Annealing Embedded with Downhill-- A SPMD Algorithm For Cluster Computing", IEEE International Workshop on Cluster Computing (IWCC'PP), pp. 143-148, Vol.2, 1999, Melbourne, Australia.
10. Zhihui Du, Sanli Li, Peizhi Shi--"A Tool for Monitoring and Profiling HPF Programs , in MPI Parallel System", 7th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications, Dec 20-22,1999, Rookee, India.
11. Sanli Li, Yamin Li, Heng Liao, and Wanming Chu-- "THAZ-Net: An Interconnection Network for Large Scale Cluster Computing", Australian Computer Science Communications, Volume 20, No. 4, pp 123-132, Springer-Verlag Pte. Ltd, 1998 (Edited by Dr. John Morris)
12. Sanli Li, Yamin Li, and Wanming Chu-- "Memory Centric Interconnection Mechanism for Message Passing in Parallel Systems", Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Massively Parqallel Computing Systems, April 6-9, 1998, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.
13. Sanli Li, Yamin Li, Xianzhu Wang, and Wanming Chu-- "JAViR-Exploiting Instruction Level Parallelism for JAVA Machine by Using Virtual Register", The 2nd European Parallel and Distributed Systems Conference, July 1-3,1998, Vienna, Austria
14. Sanli Li, Yamin Li, Heng Liao, Jiangeng Wu, Wanming Chu-- " Q-Net: A Fast Interconnection Network Switch for NPCS-1 Parallel Systems", The 10th International Conference of Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems, October 28-31,1998, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
15. Worldwide Virtual Computing", The 6th EuroMicro Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Processing, Madrid, Spain, January 1998.


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