Academic Posts

Vice dean, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Head, Professor, Department of Building Science & Technology
Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Member, Beijing Metropolis Expert Consultant Group (for district heating)
Member of consultant group of Chinese Ministry of Construction (MOC) (for building energy efficiency & intelligent buildings)
Deputy Head, Chinese HVAC Association
Vice Chairman, Chinese Association of Refrigeration
Member, ASHRAE
Member, Editor Board of International Journal of CISBE, International Journal of ventilation and Chinese Journal of HV&AC

Research Interests

  • HVAC engineering
  • Building energy efficiency & built environments
  • Urban energy planning
  • Building automation

Professional Experiences

1985-1987, Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University
1987-1990, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University
1988-1989, Visiting Scholar, Building Research Establishment (BRE), UK
1990-present, Full Professor, Tsinghua University
2000-present, Head, Department of Building Science & Technology


1973-1977, Department of Building Engineering, Tsinghua University, Bachelor
1978-1981, Department of Thermal Energy Engineering, Tsinghua University, Master
1981-1985, Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, Doctor

Awards & Honors

1. Liquid desiccant humidity control air handle unit. Second press of Chinese national invention award, 2007
2. Thermal performance simulation & prediction of underground metro, Second prize of Ministry of education, 1999
3. Performance on-line identification & optimization control of district heating systems, Second prize from the State science & technology awards, 1998, First Prize from the Ministry of education, 1997
4. Stochastic analysis of building thermal process, Second prize of Ministry of education, 1994
5. New method for storage of Beijing cabbage, First Prize of Beijing Metropolis government, 1992
6. Apple storage in caves, Second Prize of ShanXi province government, 1989
7. Thermal environment control of underground metro, Second prize from Ministry of construction, 1988

Selected Publications


1. Membrane based AC storage for fruit & vegetables, Tsinghua Press, 1992
2. Chinese eco residences assessment evaluation system, Building construction Press 2001
3. Green Olympic construction assessment evaluation system, Building construction Press, 2003
4. Operation Guide for green Olympic construction, Building construction Press, 2004
5. Building energy efficiency technology and application, Building construction Press, 2005
6. Building environment system simulation and analysis --- DeST, Building construction Press, 2006
7. Temperature and humidity independent control air-conditioning system, Building construction Press, 2006
8. Energy efficiency in residential buildings, Building construction Press, 2006
9. 2007 Annual report on China building energy efficiency, Building construction press, 2007
10. Building automation, (text book), Building construction press, 2007
Major papers published in journals:
Major research papers in journals
1. State apace method for room thermal behavior analysis and air-conditioning load calculation, ASHRAE Transactions, V.88, Pt. 2, pp122-132, 1983
2. Utilization of potential energy due to natural temperature differences, Energy sources, V12, N.1, 1990
3. Stochastic analysis of building thermal process, Building & Environment, V. 28 N.4, 1993
4. A documentation system for thermal model analysis, CLIMA 2000 conference 1993,
5. Stochastic weather model for building HVAC systems, Building & Environment, V.30 N.4, 1995
6. Fault direction space method for on-line fault detection,ASHRAE Transactions,V.101, Pt.2,1996
7. A new multizone model for simulation of building thermal performance, Building & Environment, V.32 N.2, 1997
8. Outdoor synthetic temperature for calculation of space heating load, Energy & building, V.28 N.3, 1998
9. DeST: toolkit for design by simulation, Proceedings of 6th Building performance simulation, 1999
10. A general model for analyzing thermal characteristics of a class of latent thermal energy storage systems,J. of solar energy engineering,1999
11. Analysis of thermal performance and energy saving effect of membrane based heat recovery ventilator, Energy, 2000
12. Membrane based humidity pump: performance and limitations,. J of membrane science,V. 164, N.2,2000
13. Heat & mass transfer in membrane based energy recovery ventilator,J. of membrane science,V. 163, N.1,1999
14. Thermal storage and heat transfer in phase change material outside a circular tube with axial variation of fluid temperature,Transactions of ASME,V. 121, N.3,1999
15. Evaluation of hydraulic stability and its application in hydraulic systems,ASHRAE Transactions,V.105, Pt.2, 2000
16. Hydraulic process fault diagnosis and parameters identification in district heating networks,ASHRAE Transactions,V.105, Pt.2,2000
17. Optimal operation CHP plant for space heating,International Journal of Energy,V.25 N.3,2000
18. Mathematical model for simulation of VOC emissions and concentrations in buildings, Atmospheric Environment, V36, No.2, 2002
19. Experimental investigation of air-source heat pump for cold regions, International Journal of Refrigeration, V.26, No.1, 2003
20. Modeling and experimental study on an innovative passive cooling system-NVP System,Energy And Buildings,35/4(2003)
21. Numerical simulation of indoor PM distribution in the whole year by zonal model,Indoor and Built Environment,2004 13(6): 453-462
22. Prediction of breakthrough curves of activated carbon fibers in a fixed bed,Carbon,42(2004) 3081-3085
23. Combined cogeneration and liquid-desiccant system applied in a demonstration building,Energy and Buildings,36 (2004) 945–953
24. A characteristic study of liquid desiccant dehumidification/regeneration processes,Solar Energy,79 (2005) 483–494
25. New type of fresh air processor with liquid desiccant total heat recovery,Energy and Buildings,37 (2005) 587–593
26. Analytical solution of adiabatic heat and mass transfer process in packed-type liquid desiccant equipment and its application,Solar Energy,80 (2006) 1509–1516
27. Annual performance of liquid desiccant based independent humidity control HVAC system,Applied Thermal Engineering,26 (2006) 1198–1207
28. Experimental study on mass transfer performances of cross flow dehumidifier using liquid desiccant,Energy Conversion and Management,47 (2006) 2682–2692
29. Empirical correlations to predict the performance of the dehumidifier using liquid desiccant in heat and mass transfer,Renewable Energy,31 (2006) 1627–1639
30. Simplified analysis of coupled heat and mass transfer processes in packed bed liquid desiccant-air contact system,Solar Energy,80 (2006) 121–131
31. Experimental-research on a kind of novel high temperature phase change storage heater,Energy Conversion and Management,47(2006): 2211-2222
32. Preparation, thermal performance and application of shape-stabilized PCM in energy efficient buildings,Energy and Buildings,2006,38(1): 1262-1269
33. Energy utilization evaluation of CCHP systems,Energy and Buildings,2006,38(3) 253-257


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