LI Jiaming

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University
Professor, Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiaotong University
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Member, the Third World Academy of Sciences
Director, the Center of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Tsinghua University

Research Interests

  • Computational Physics
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Atomic and Molecular Physics

Professional Experiences

2003-now, Professor, Department of Physics, Shanghai Jiaotong University
1997-now, Professor, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1983-now, Researcher, Research Institute of Physics, CAS
1979-1982 Research Associate, Research Institute of Physics, CAS
1977-1978 Senior Research Associate, University of Rochester, USA
1975-1976, Research Associate, University of Pittsburg, USA
1974, Research Associate, University of Chicago, USA


1974, University of Chicago, USA, Ph.D.
1968, National Taiwan University, Taipei, B.S. 

Awards & Honors

2002, Science & Technology Progress Prize, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation
2001, Prize of Outstanding Individual in 863 Scheme, Ministry of Science & Technology
1992, 2nd Prize of Nature Science, CAS
1986, Kastler Prize, the International Center for Theoretical Physics

Selected Publications

Published more than 100 scientific papers:
1. CR Su, JM Li. Noval Bismuth Nanotubes, CHINESE PHYSICS LETTER Vol.19, No. 12(2002)
2. YJ Sun and JM Li. Self-Diffusion Mechanisms of Adatom on Al (001), (011) and (111) Surface. CHINESE PHYSICS LETTER Vol.20, No. 2(2003) 269
3. CR SU, HT Liu and JM LI. Bismuth nanotubes: potential semiconducting nanomaterials. Nanotechnology 13(2002)746-749
4. Han XY, Gao X, Li JM, Voky L, Feautrier Nicole. Photoionization windows for Na and Na2+. Phys. Rev. A. 74 (2006) 062710-1~062710-5
5. XY Han, Voky Lan JM Li. Theoretical Analysis of Generalized Oscillator Strength for Helium by R-matrix Method. CHINESE PHYSICS LETTER Vol.21, No. 1(2004) 54
6. JM Li, PH Zhang, JL Yang, L Liu. Theoretical Study of adatom self-diffusion on metallic fcc \{001\} surfaces. Chinese Physics Letter 14,(1997)768.
7. JM Li, Lan Vo Ky, YZ Qu, J Yan, PH Zhang; Eigenchannel Treatment of R-Matrix Theory; Phys. Rev. A55, (1997) 3239.
8. JM LI, VO Ky-Lan, JAN Jun, YZ QU, Eigenchannel theory and R-matrix theory'; Chinese Physical Letter 13 (1996) 902.
9. L Liu, JM Li and R.H. Pratt; Amplitude at Nucleus of Electronic Wavefunctions of Atomic Ions; Phys.Rev. A49 (1994) 3770.
10. JM Li, XM Tong, Y Zou. Relativistic Theoretical Calculation of Atomic Structure: Radiative Tranistion Wavelelengths and Transition Rates; Invited paper, 2nd International Conference on Computational Physics, Sept.13-17,1993,Beijing,China.


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