ZHOU Bingkun

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences
President, Chinese Optical Society

Research Interests

  • Laser Physics and Devices
  • Semiconductor Lasers and Their Applications
  • Diode Pumped Solid State Lasers
  • Doped Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers
  • Optical Fiber Communications
  • Optical Switching

Professional Experiences

1985-now, Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing


1983-1985, Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, USA
1960-1963, Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute, former USSR
1956, Department of Radio Electronics, Tsinghua University, Beijing

Awards & Honors

2004, 2nd Prize of Science & Technology Progress, Sichuan Province
2003, Award of Science & Technology Achievement, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation
1998, 3rd Prize of National Technology Invention Award, Ministry of Science & Technology
1993, 1997, 1st Prize of Science & Technology Progress, National Education Commission

Selected Publications

Author or co-author of over 100 papers and one book "Laser Principles":
1. Bingkun Zhou, T.J.Kane, G.J.Dixon, R.L.Byer, "Efficient frequency-stable laser diode pumped Nd:YAG laser", Optics Letters, Vol.10,Jan., 1985.
2. B.K.Zhou, T.J.Kane, R.L.Byer, "Frequency jitters and linewidth of a single-mode monolithic Nd-YAG Laser", J. of Optical Society of America B, Vol.1,No.3,1984.
3. B.K.Zhou, J.L.Wang, H.Y.Zhang, "Improvement of Side Mode Suppression Ratio of a SingleMode Short Coupled Cavity Semiconductor Laser", Electronic Letters,Vol.21, No.19,pp.877-878, 1985.
4. Zhou Bingkun, Zhang H.Y, Wu Y.X., Zhou J.Y, Li J., Pan Z.W,"24h frequency stabilization of a SLM external cavity semiconductor laser", Electronics Letters, 26th February, Vol. 23, No. 5,1987 .
5. Y.Xie, S.Z. Xie, B.K.Zhou, "System Performance Degradation Due to Nonlinear Signal Distortion in Spectral Inverter", Journal of Optical Communication, Vol.19, No.4, 1998.8
6. Fei Y.S., Zheng X.P., Zhang H.Y.,Guo Y.L., Zhou B.K.," A Novel Scheme of Power Equalization and Power Management in WDM All-Optical Networks"; IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol 11, Iss 9, pp: 1189-1191,1999.
7. Han.Y., Li.Q.,Liu X.M. Zhou B.K., "Architecture of High-Order All-Fiber Birefringent Filters by the Use of the Sagnac Interferometer", IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol 11, Iss 1, pp 90-92,1999.
8. Qun Li, Xiaoming Liu, Jiangde Peng, Bingkun Zhou, E.R.Lyons and H.P.Lee. Highly Efficient Acoustooptic Tunable Filter Based on cladding Etched Dingle- Mode Fiber, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol. 14, No.8, p.337, 2002


Phone +86-10-62788983
E-mail: zbk-dee@tsinghua.edu.cn