Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences Chang Jiang Scholar
Members of Editorial Board for Langmuir, European Polymer Journal, International Journal of Applied Chemistry, Acta Polymerica Sinica, Progress in Natural Science, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, Chem. J. Chin. Univ.
Executive Editor for Chinese Science Bulletin
Guest professors: SUNYAT-SEN University, Nankai University, Jilin University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (CAS)

Research Interests

  • Supramolecular assembly
  • Organized molecular films
  • Single molecule force spectroscopy of polymers

Professional Experiences

1994-2003, Professor of Polymer Chemistry and Physics, College of Chemistry, Jilin University
1997-2003, Director of Key Lab for Supramolecular Structure and Materials, Jilin University
Aug.1994-Feb.1995, Visiting Scientist: University of Mainz, Germany (Advisor: Prof. Helmut Ringsdorf)


1992, Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry and Physics, Jilin University, China and University of Mainz, Germany

Awards & Honors

Young Chemist Award of the Chinese Chemical Society, 1997
Outstanding Young Investigator Fund, Natural Science Foundation of China, 1997.
Excellent teacher, special rating, BaoGang Educational Foundation, 1997
Outstanding Young Scholar, Hong Kong QiuShi Science and Technology Foundation, 1998
National Natural Science Award (2nd grade, together with Prof. Jiacong Shen), 2004
Chinese Chemical Society-BASF Innovation Award, 2005
Science and Technology Award for Chinese Youth, 2006

Selected Publications Books or Chapters:

1. Chapter 37: Interfacial Molecular Assembly for Pattern Formation, Xi Zhang, Hongyu Zhang and Zhiqiang Wang .《Bottom-Up Nanofabrication》, Eds. K. Ariga and H. S. Nalwa, American Scientific Publishers, 2007
2. Chapter 30: Force Spectroscopy of Polymers: Beyond Single Chain Mechanics, Xi Zhang, Chuanjun Liu and Weiqing Shi. 《Physical Properties of Polymer Handbook》, 2nd Edition, Ed. J. E. Mark, Springer, 2006
3. 《Macromolecular Self-Assembly》Chinese Edition. Ming Jiang, Adi Eisenberg, Guojun Liu, Xi Zhang. Science Press, 2006
4. Chapter 11: Layered nanoarchitecture based on electro- and photo-active building blocks, Xi Zhang, Junqi Sun and Jiacong Shen. 《Multilayer Thin Films: Sequential assembly of nanocomposite materials》", Published by Wiley-VCH, 2003
5. Chapter 9: Enzyme multilayer films: A way to assemble microreactors and biosensors Xi Zhang, Yipeng Sun, Jiacong Shen. 《Protein Architecture: Interfacing molecular assemblies and immobilization biotechnology》, Published by Marcel Dekker, Inc., 2000

Academic Papers (since 2004 only ):

1. Xi Zhang, Huan Chen and Hongyu Zhang, Layer-by-layer assembly: from conventional to unconventional methods, Chem. Commun., 2007, 1395-1405. Invited feature article
2. Yapei Wang, Ning Ma, Zhiqiang Wang and Xi Zhang, Photo-controlled reversible supramolecular assembly of an azobenzene-containing surfactant with α-cyclodextrin, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2007, 46, 2823-2826.
3. Hao Wei, Ning Ma, Feng Shi, Zhiqiang Wang and Xi Zhang, Artificial nacre by alternating preparation of layer-by-layer polymer films and CaCO3 strata. Chem. Mater., 2007, 19, 1974-1978.
4. Shouchun Yin, Bo Song, Guanqing Liu, Zhiqiang Wang and Xi Zhang, Self-organization of polymerizable bolaamphiphiles bearing diacetylene mesogenic group, Langmuir, 2007, 23, 5936-5941.
5. Jia Niu, Feng Shi, Zan Liu, Zhiqiang Wang and Xi Zhang, Reversible disulfide cross-linking in layer-by-layer films: Preassembly enhanced loading and pH/reductant dually controllable release, Langmuir, 2007, 23, 6377-6384.
6. Feng Shi, Zan Liu, Guanglu Wu, Meng Zhang, Huan Chen, Zhiqiang Wang, Xi Zhang and Itamar Willner, Surface imprinting in layer-by-layer nanostructured films, Adv. Funct. Mater., 2007, 17, 1821-1827.
7. Yiheng Zhang, Chuanjun Liu, Weiqing Shi, Zhiqiang Wang, Liming Dai and Xi Zhang, Direct measurements of the interaction between pyrene and graphite in aqueous media by single molecule force spectroscopy: Understanding the pi-pi interactions, Langmuir, 2007, 23, 7911-7915.
8. Hongyu Zhang, Dong Wang, Zhiqiang Wang and Xi Zhang, Hydrogen bonded layer-by-layer assembly of poly(2-vinylpyridine) and poly(acrylic acid): Influence of molecular weight on the formation of microporous film by post-base treatment, European Polymer Journal, 2007, 43, 2784-2791.
9. Jian Gao, Yaning He, Fang Liu, Xi Zhang, Zhiqiang Wang and Xiaogong Wang, Azobenzene-containing supramolecular side-chain polymer films for laser-induced surface relief gratings, Chem. Mater., 2007, 19, 3877 -3881.
10. Jian Gao, Yaning He, Huaping Xu, Bo Song, Xi Zhang, Zhiqiang Wang and Xiaogong Wang, Azobenzene-containing supramolecular polymer films for laser-induced surface relief gratings, Chem. Mater., 2007, 19, 14-17.
11. Feng Shi, Jia Niu, Zan Liu, Zhiqiang Wang, Mario Smet, Wim Dehaen, Yong Qiu and Xi Zhang, To adjust wetting properties of organic surface by in-situ photoreaction of aromatic azide, Langmuir, 2007, 23, 1253-1257.
12. Yugui Jiang, Yapei Wang, Ning Ma, Zhiqiang Wang, Mario Smet and Xi Zhang, Reversible self-organization of a UV-responsive PEG-terminated malachite green derivative: vesicle formation and photoinduced disassembly, Langmuir, 2007, 23, 4029-4034.
13. Chuanjun Liu, Zhenhua Jiang, Zhiqiang Wang and Xi Zhang, The unwinding of surfactant-induced helical structure of carboxymethyl amylose by single molecule force spectroscopy, Polymer, 2007, 48, 2030-2034.
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15. Feng Shi, Jia Niu, Jianlin Liu, Fang Liu, Zhiqiang Wang, Xiqiao Feng and Xi Zhang, Towards understanding why a superhydrophobic coating is needed by water striders, Adv. Mater., 2007, 19, 2257-2261.
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20. Ning Ma, Yapei Wang, Baoyu Wang, Zhiqiang Wang, Xi Zhang, Guang Wang and Yue Zhao, The interaction between block copolymer micelles and azobenzene-containing surfactants: from co-assembly in water to layer-by-layer assembly at interface, Langmuir, 2007, 23, 2874-2878.
21. Michael Riskin, Bernhard Basner, Vladimir I. Chegel, Eugenii Katz, Itamar Willner, Feng Shi, and Xi Zhang, Switchable surface properties through the electrochemical or biocatalytic generation of Ag0 nanoclusters on monolayer-functionalized electrodes, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128,1253-1260.
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