XUE Qikun

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Physics, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Member, the Editorial Board, Surface Science, Journal of Physics D(Applied Physics) and Nanotechnology
Fellow, the Chinese Physical Society

Research Interests

  • Low temperature scanning tunneling microcopy and spin-polarized scanning tunneling microcopy
  • Atomic-scale study of growth/fabrication and quantum phenomenon of low-dimensional nano-structures (metal nanoclusters, ultra thin films and nanowires)
  • Spin-polarized electron transport for quantum computation/information and spintronics
  • Thin film growth and atomistic analysis of surface structure, epitaxial growth process and underlined device behavior of III-V arsenides and nitrides (GaAs and GaN etc.) by using molecular beam epitaxy-scanning tunneling microscopy (MBE-STM)

Professional Experiences

1984-1987, teacher, Department of Physics, Qufu Normal University, Shandong Province
09.1994-03.2001, Research Institute of Metal Materials, Tohuku University, Japan
06.1996-05.1997, post-doctor, Department of Physics, University of North Carolina
03.1999-now, researcher, tutor of doctor candidates, Research Institute of Physics, CAS
06.1999-now, head, State Key Laboratory of Surface Physics, CAS
02.2000-03.2000, visiting scholar, IBM Suez Laboratory, Swiss
05.2005-now, professor, tutor of doctor candidates, Tsinghua University


1984, Department of Optics, Shandong University, Bachelor
1990, Institute of Physics, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Master
1994, Institute of Physics, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor

Awards & Honors

Ten Outstanding Young Scientists of CAS (2000)
Prize for Advancement in Science and Technology of Beijing (first class, 2003)
National Prize for Advancement in Natural Science (second class, 2004)
Prize for Outstanding Science and Technology Achievement of CAS (2006)

Selected Publications

Published over 150 SCI papers (1 paper in Science, 1 paper in PNAS, and 16 papers in Phys. Rev. Lett.) and 5 monographs, with citation of more than 2000 times.
1. Ma Xucun, Jiang Peng, Qi Yun, Jia Jinfeng, Yang Yu, Duan Wenhui, Li Wei-Xue, Bao Xinhe, Zhang S. B., Xue Qi-Kun, "Experimental observation of quantum oscillation of surface chemical reactivities", PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 104, 9204-9208 (2007).
2. L. Y. Ma, L. Tang, Z. L. Guan, K. He, K. An, X. C. Ma, J. F. Jia, and Q. K. Xue, "Quantum size effect on adatom surface diffusion",Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 266102 (2006).
3. Y. F. Zhang, Jin-Feng Jia, Tie-Zhu Han, Zhe Tang, Quan-Tong Shen, Yang Guo, Z. Q. Qiu, and Qi-Kun Xue, "Band structure and oscillatory electron-phonon coupling of Pb thin films determined by atomic-layer-resolved quantum well states", Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 096802 (2005).
4. Xin-Yu Bao, Yan-Feng Zhang, Yupeng Wang, Jin-Feng Jia, Qi-Kun Xue, X. C. Xie, and Zhong-Xian Zhao, "Quantum Size Effects on the Perpendicular Upper Critical Field in Ultrathin Lead Films", Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 247005 (2005).
5. Ming-Hu Pan,Hong Liu, Jun-Zhong Wang, Jin-Feng Jia, Qi-Kun Xue, J.-L. Li, S.-Y. Qin, U. M. Mirsaidov, Xiang-Rong Wang, J. T. Markert, Zhenyu Zhang, and C. K. Shih, "Quantum growth of magnetic nanoplatelets of Co on Si with high blocking temperature", Nano Letters 5, 87-90 (2005).
6. Yang Guo, Yan-Feng Zhang, Xin-Yu Bao, Tie-Zhu Han, Zhe Tang, Li-Xin Zhang, Wen-Guang Zhu, E. G. Wang, Qian Niu, Z. Q. Qiu, Jin-Feng Jia, Zhong-Xian Zhao, Qi-Kun Xue, "Superconductivity Modulated by Quantum Size Effects", Science 306, 1915 (2004).
7. Shao-Chun Li, Jin-Feng Jia, Rui-Fen Dou, Qi-Kun Xue, Iskander G. Batyrev and S.B. Zhang, "Borderline magic clustering: The fabrication of tetravalent Pb cluster arrays on Si(111)-7×7 surfaces", Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 116103 (2004).
8. Y. Han, J. Y. Zhu, Feng Liu , Shao-Chun Li, Jin-Feng Jia, Yan-Feng Zhang, and Qi-Kun Xue, "Coulomb Sink: a novel Coulomb effect on coarsening of metal nanoclusters on semiconductor surface", Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 106102 (2004).
9. C.-S. Jiang, S.-C. Li, H.-B. Yu, D. Eom, X. -D. Wang, Ph. Ebert, J.-F. Jia, Q.-K. Xue, and C.-K. Shih, "Building Pb nano-mesas with atomic layer precision", Phys. Rev. Lett. 92, 106104 (2004).
10. P. Zhang, Q. K. Xue, and X. C. Xie, "Spin current through a quantum dot in the presence of an oscillating magnetic field", Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 196602 (2003).
11. Jian-Long Li, Jin-Feng Jia, Xue-Jin Liang, Xi Liu, Jun-Zhong Wang, Qi-Kun Xue, Zhi-Qiang Li, John S. Tse, Zhenyu Zhang, and S. B. Zhang, "Spontaneous assembly of perfectly ordered identical-size nanocluster arrays", Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 066101 (2002).
12. Ping Zhang, Qi-Kun Xue, Yu-Peng, Wang, and X.C. Xie, "Spin-dependent transport through an interacting quantum dot", Phys. Rev. Lett. 89, 286803 (2002).
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15. Q. K. Xue, T. Hashizume, and T. Sakurai, "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of III-V Compound Semiconductor (001) Surface", Progress in Surface Science 56, P1-P132 (1997) (review paper).
16. Q. K. Xue, T. Hashizume, J.M. Zhou, T. Sakata, T. Ohno, and T. Sakurai, "Structures of GaAs(001) Ga-rich 4x2 and 4x6 reconstructions", Phys. Rev. Lett. 74, 3177-3180 (1995).
17. T. Hashizume, Q.K. Xue, J.M. Zhou, A. Ichimiya, and T Sakurai, "Structures of the As-rich GaAs(001)-(2x4) reconstructions", Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, 2208-2211 (1994).


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