PAN Jiluan

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Honorary President, Nanchang University

Research Interests

  • Welding Arc Control and Process Automation
  • Arc Sensor and Automatic Seam Tracking System
  • Mechanism of Hot Crack Formation During Welding

Professional Experiences

1955-now, Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing


1950-1953, Harbin University of Technology, Harbin, M.S.
1946-1948, Tsinghua University, Beijing, B.S.
1944-1946, Southwest Associated University

Awards & Honors

2003, Prize for Outstanding Monograph Exported Copyright, Awarded by News and Publishing General Bureau (National Copyright Bureau)
2002, 2nd Class Prize in Science, Awarded by Jiangxi Provincial Government
2001, National Prize for Outstanding monograph, Awarded by News and Publishing General Bureau
2001, National 2nd and 3rd Prize for Achievement in Education, Awarded by National ministry of Education
2001, Highest Honor Prize in Welding, Awarded by Chinese Welding Society
2000, Science & Technology Progress Prize, Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation
1996, Model Worker, Awarded by Jiangxi Provincial Government

Selected Publications

Had 5 patents and published many academic papers including:
1.Jiluan Pan et al., Crawel-type all position arc welding robot, Electric Welding Machine, No.9,2005
2.Jiluan Pan et al., Crawl-type robot, Welding Journal of AWS, 2005 January
3.Jiluan Pan, Arc welding control, Woodhead Publishing Limited, Cambridge England 2003
4.Jiluan Pan et al., Arc sensing system for automatic weld seam tracking (I) ----Mathematic model, Science in China, Ser.E2001, No.03
5.Jiluan Pan et al., Arc sensing system for automatic weld seam tracking (II) ----Signal processing, Science in China, Ser.E2001 No.04
6.Jiluan Pan, Modern Arc Welding Control, China Machine Press, 2000
7.Jiluan Pan, Arc Welding Control, Invited lecture, Proceedings of National 8th Welding Conference, Vol.I, pp.35-50,1997.
8.Hua Zhang, Jiluan Pan et al., Real time measurement of temperature field with ICCD as sensor-Principle and method of temperature range division, Science in China,1997(10), Vol.27(5).
9.Hua Zhang, et al., Jiluan Pan, Real time measurement of temperature field with ICCD as sensor-Principle and method of wavelength determination, Science in China, 1997(12), Vol.27 (6)
10.Jiluan Pan, Arc welding process control, Joining of Materials, The Journal of the European Institute for the Joining of Materials, Vol. 4, No.4 Dec.1992
11.Jiluan Pan, Status and prospect of mechanical engineering in main land of China, Invited lecture at the Annual Assembly of "Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering" of Taiwan, published in "Mechanical Engineering" (Taiwan) December 1992, NO. 190, pp.36-46
12.Report on Development Strategy of Mechanical Hot Working, National Science Foundation, Science Publishing House,1995
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