MENG Anming

Academic Posts

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Technology, Tsinghua University
Member, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Interests

  • Roles of Nodal and FGF signaling pathways in mesoderm induction and dorsovental patterning of vertebrate embryos
  • Genes mediating Nodal and FGF signals in zebrafish embryos were identified by whole-mount in situ hybridization screening, yeast two hybrid system and microarry assay, and their functions
  • Identification of maternal factors controlling early embryonic development through mutagenesis

Professional Experiences

1998-now, Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing
1996-1998, visiting scholar, Institute for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Medical College of Georgia, USA
1992-1996, Associate professor, College of Biology, Beijing Agricultural University
1990-1991, Postdoctoral fellow, College of Biology, Beijing Agricultural University


1979-1983, undergraduate, Southwestern Agricultural University
1987-1990, Ph.D. student, University of Nottingham, UK

Awards & Honors

Prize for Science and Technology Advancement in 2007, awarded by the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation
Cheung Kong Scholar of the Ministry of Education of China in 2001
Recipient of the National Science Foundation of Outstanding Young Scientists of China in 2000
Outstanding Young Scholars (Biomedicine), sponsored by Qiu Shi Science & Technologies Foundation, Hong Kong, in 2000

Selected Publications

1. Rui YN, Xu Z, Xiong B, Cao Y, Lin SY, Zhang M, Chan SC, Luo W, Han Y, Lu ZL, Ye ZY, Zhou HM, Han JH, Meng AM, Lin SC. 2007. A -catenin-independent dorsalization pathway activated by Axin/JNK signaling and antagonized by Aida. Developmental Cell, 13(2):268-282.
2. Huang HZ, Lu FI, Jia SJ, Meng S, Cao Y, Wang YQ, Ma WP, Yin K, Wen ZL, Peng JR, Thisse C, Thisse B, Meng AM. 2007. Amotl2 is essential for cell movements in zebrafish embryo and regulates c-Src translocation. Development, 134(5): 979-988.
3. Xiong B, Rui YN, Zhang M, Shi KH, Jia SJ, Tian T, Yin K, Huang HZ, Lin SY, Zhao XG, Chen YH, Chen Y-G, Lin SC, Meng AM. 2006. Tob1 controls dorsal development of zebrafish embryos by antagonizing maternal -Catenin transcriptional activity. Developmental Cell, 11(2):225-238.
4. Lin X, Duan XY, Liang Y-Y, Su Y, Wrighton KH, Long JY, Hu M, Davis CM, Wang JR, Brunicardi FCB, Shi YG, Chen Y-G, Meng AM, Feng X-H. 2006. PPM1A functions as a Smad phosphatase to terminate TGF signaling. Cell, 125(5):915-928.
5. Zhang LX, Zhou H, Su Y, Sun ZH, Zhang HW, Zhang L, Zhang Y, Ning YH, Chen YG, Meng AM. 2004. Zebrafish Dpr2 inhibits mesoderm induction by promoting lysosomal degradation of Nodal receptors. Science, 306(5693):114-117.
6. Cao Y, Zhao J, Sun ZH, Postlethwait J, Meng AM. 2004. fgf17b, a novel member of Fgf family, helps patterning zebrafish embryos. Developmental Biology, 271(1):130-143. 7. Zhao J, Cao Y, Zhao CT, Postlethwait J, Meng AM. 2003. An SP1-like transcription factor Spr2 acts downstream of Fgf signaling to mediate mesoderm induction. EMBO Journal, 22(22): 6078-6088.
8. Zhao ZX, Cao Y, Li M, Meng AM. 2001. Injection of double-stranded RNA produces nonspecific defects in zebrafish. Developmental Biology, 229(1):215-223.
9. Meng AM, Moore B, Tang H, Yuan BZ, Lin S. 1999. Drosophila doublesex-related gene, terra, is involved in somitogenesis in vertebrates. Development, 126:1259-1268.
10. Meng AM, Tang H, Yuan BZ, Ong BA, Long QM, Lin S. 1999. Positive and negative cis-acting elements are required for hematopoietic expression of zebrafish GATA-1. Blood, 93(2):500-508.
11. Meng AM, Tang H, Ong BA, Farrell MJ, Lin S. 1997. Promoter analysis in living zebrafish embryos identifies a cis-acting motif required for neuronal expression of GATA-2. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 94:6267-6272.


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